7 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Workers

With the number of Google Chrome extensions increasing at leaps and bounds, it is apparent that the 18 must have extensions that we have covered earlier is no longer enough. So here we are, covering another 7 more extensions for the diligent Web workers. The list below may not be the most comprehensive, but it contains the list of extensions that we use everyday and find them useful for everyday use.

To view the meta tag of a webpage, the usual method is to view the source code of the page. Meta Inspector simplifies this process and allows you to view the meta tags of the webpage right within the page.

This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the description tag of their site to follow the Webmasters’ Google Guidelines, but can also be used by those who like to spy on their competitor’s sites. Not only does it allows you to view the meta tag in the header, it also allows you to view the no-follow, do-follow links in the page.

chrome-extension-Meta inspector

If you rely on Google Reader to keep you updated on what’s happening in the Web, then this extension is going to be very useful to you. Google Reader Checker checks your Google Reader regularly and notifies you whenever there is a new feed update.


Do you know how your website look like at different screen resolution? You can do it by changing the screen resolution manually, but this extension just makes thing easier. Simply click the icon and select the resolution that you want it to show. Your browser will automatically resize (best performed when it is not maximized) to the requested resolution size.


Speed Tracer helps you to find out what is slowing down your site. It analyzes your website for items such as Javascript parsing and execution, CSS style recalculation and selector matching, DOM Event handling, network resource loading and many more stuffs and show the result in graphs and numbers.


You can’t consider yourself a Web worker if you don’t have a Twitter account. Even though there are plenty of desktop Twitter clients that you can use, nothing beats a handy and useful extension that allow you to view the timeline and interact with your account instantly.


Let’s say you blog in your native non-English language and you want to know how your articles turn out in English (or any other languages), this extension can immediately translate your site on the fly.


StumbleUpon is one of the best services that we use to research for materials. It used to be available only for Firefox, but now it is available in Google Chrome as well. Unlike the StumbleUpon extension in Firefox, this Chrome extension loads the StumbleUpon Web toolbar instead. Don’t worry, you will still get the exact browsing experience.


What other extensions have I left out?

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  1. You can’t consider yourself a Web worker if you don’t have a Twitter account.

    bulllllllllshit, I have been a web developer for 10 years now and nobody I know/met in this business uses twitter. Don’t believe the hipster “html-programmer” hype.

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