7 Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media Addicts

A few days back, we discussed some useful Google Chrome extensions that help you stay focused and be more efficient. If you are a social media addict and find it difficult to manage your social media profiles from the desktop or from the web, here are some Google Chrome extensions that might help.

All these extensions work from Google Chrome and you can manage your Twitter account, Facebook profile, shorten URL’s, Digg blog posts, watch YouTube videos and do many more interesting things.

1. Twitter Share This Page

The Twitter share this page extension adds a Twitter button in the address bar of Google Chrome. When you are reading a webpage and want to tweet about it, simply hit the Twitter button from the Chrome address bar. The extension will shorten the link using Bit.ly, copy the page title and take you to your Twitter account.

Twitter Share Chrome Extension

If you are already signed in, the extension will use the same browser tab to send the update to your Twitter profile. Overall, the extension makes it dead easy to tweet a link but fails if you want to manually type something and tweet it.

2. Facebook Photo Zoom

The Facebook photo zoom extension is very useful when you want to view a photo without having to click through to view the entire Facebook album. Normally, whenever your friends publish photos in their Facebook profile, a thumbnail of the image is shown. To view the original image, you have to click the photo album and load the photos one by one. But the photo zoom extension makes it dead simple – just hover over a thumbnail and the larger version is shown instantly.

Facebook photo zoom extension for Chrome

This extension works for profile photos, wall photos and photo albums. You can view a photo directly from your news feed and when you hover over any image, the larger version is shown automatically.

3. URL Shortener

The URLShortener extension for Google Chrome lets you shorten URL’s using a lot of URL shortening services. This include: Bit.ly, Goo.gl, Youtu.be,  TinyURL, Cli.Gs, Is.Gd, Chilp.it and many other popular services. Once the extension is installed, go to the options page and choose which URL shortening service you want to use.

Url shortener extension for Google Chrome

The extension also supports retrieving the Title of the shortened web page along with the URL, so you can use this extension to post updates to your Twitter account, share links with followers etc. Also read: 12 Google Chrome extensions for RSS addicts.

4. Digg for Chrome

The Digg for chrome is an official extension and it’s a must use for Digg fans. If you frequently Digg pages and find it difficult to see the votes of a particular webpage, this extension will be immensely useful.

Once the extension is installed, first enter your Digg username in the extension settings.

Digg extension for Google Chrome

Next, you will find that the Digg count of a webpage is shown in the extreme right of the address bar. Click the Digg count button and you will see the comments and a button to Digg that page. There is also a random button which lets you discover new content and popular stories on Digg.

Digg this Google Chrome Extension

Want to Digg the story as well as share it on Facebook and Twitter? Hit the “Tweet” or “Fshare” button and the page is shared in your Twitter and Facebook account.

5. Stumbleupon for Chrome

The Stumbleupon extension for Google Chrome lets you find new and interesting websites that matches your interests. This extension works like a bookmark to the Stumbleupon toolbar, just hit the “Stumble” button placed in the right of the Chrome address bar and start discovering stumbled pages. Current features include: stumbling, sharing, rating and reviewing.

6. Delicious Bookmarks for Chrome (Update: no longer exist)

Delicious Bookmarks integrates with Google Chrome bookmarks and keeps them in sync. You can save a bookmark in your Delicious account using the “TAG” button and search within Delicious bookmarks right from Google Chrome.

Delicious extension for Google chrome

The extension can sync bookmarks but given the fact that Google Chrome can itself backup the bookmarks to your Google account, this might not be that necessary. However, if you are a heavy weight Delicious user and often bookmark pages at your Delicious account, this extension will make things simpler.

7. My TubeSmart Video – Customize YouTube Video Buffering in Chrome

The MyTube Smart Video extension provides better buffering of YouTube videos and provides more playing options. Works with all embedded YouTube videos – be it on your Feed reader or in Facebook. You can choose to play the YouTube video when the buffering is complete, or when the page has finished loading completely.

MyTube extension settings

The extension also has an option to calculate the time left before the video starts playing. If your internet connection is slow and videos take a lot of time to load, this extension will come in handy.

Enjoy using Google Chrome extensions as much as we do? Check out this definitive list of must have Google Chrome extensions and do tell us about your favorite extensions in the comments section.


  1. Some of the extensions for the social media websites are quite nice speeding up the pace of digging or social bookmarking. I think Twitter Share is the best, as you don't have to search for a Twitter button that's actually on the web page. All it takes is one click to share a link, as opposed to lots of extra scrolling time searching for Twitter buttons, or even manually copying and pasting URLs into Tweets! I imagine if you use Chrome and have all these extensions installed, you could be cruising through sharing on your favorite social media websites with great amounts of ease.

  2. The Template extension provides quick and easy access to lots of information about the current page and environment; “cookies, browser version, directory, encoded, favicon URL, file, fragment, host name, operating system, options, parameters, path, port, protocol, query string, relative, segments, selected text, shortened URL, and title” Just to name a few… Better yet, using a unique template system it allows users to easily create their own templates making the possibilities endless and includes a built-in step-by-step guide to help you write your own. Check it out! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dcjnfaoifoefmnbhhlbppaebgnccfddf

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