7 Useful Apps and Services For College Freshmen [iOS]

Many high school students are in the height of the spring school year. With Advanced Placement, SAT, and finals over, the next focus is to get ready for a new lifestyle in university. While high school has prepared students for the college workload, high school can only help so much with getting accustomed to a college lifestyle. Today, we will look at apps that can help make the transition easier. Many are free or affordable.

1. Awesome Note (+Todo)


Awesome Note is pretty much an idea tank for iPhone. With Awesome Note, you have the ability to take down everything from very detailed notes to brief shopping lists and to-do tasks. Awesome Note (+Todo) allows your notes to be so detailed, that you can attach multimedia, drawings, and more. All of your notes can also be pushed to your calendar without any added effort. Your notes stay protected with password lock, as well as backup support. All of these features may be amazing, but they only scratch the surface of what Awesome Note (+Todo) can do. Check it out for $3.99 today.

2. Flashcards Deluxe


Flashcards Deluxe is the best flashcards application on the market today. Flashcards Deluxe allows you to not only create cards, but also helps in making them an important study tool. You can create tests for yourself, hear the flashcards read to you, categorize them, and more. All flashcards come with several design templates to choose from, making your next study session a bit more unique from the last. Don’t worry about them getting lost, all of your flashcards made on Flashcards Deluxe are backed up and with the ability to be saved on Dropbox and Google Docs. Check out Flashcards Deluxe today for $3.99.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is an essential service for any student of any age or grade level. Dropbox, if you don’t already know, allows you to save any content to your Dropbox folder and access it from everywhere. Dropbox is free if you don’t require additional storage, and with referrals, you can gain free upgrade to your storage space of up to 18GB. Your content not only can be saved, but also shared online. You can assign your stuff with a link for easy viewing, or you can invite only certain individuals if you want to keep the information private. Dropbox for iPhone is free to download, so check it out today.

4. iStudiez Pro


iStudiez Pro has been repeatedly awarded as one of the best educational applications on the market. iStudiez Pro has a scheduling system to takes into consideration many of the varying schedules that various students across the nation/world have. iStudiez Pro allows you to keep track of your classes, the room numbers, and professor contacts. You can also keep track of your homework, project, and class work assignments all in one application, with support of alarms and push notifications. You can import your grades and make sure that you stay above water with your GPA. All of this is backed up and protected, insuring that you make your freshmen year in college your best. iStudiez Pro comes at a cost of $2.99 and is available today on the App Store.

5. Epicurious Recipes


College is a time when many individuals pack on the pounds due to the unlimited options presented to them both on and off campus in terms of food. In other situations, there may not be a lot of tasty options available. This results in having to focus on cooking for yourself to have a balanced diet or to even have the foods you enjoyed back home. Epicurious, the website and now application hosting thousands of recipes, comes as a handy tool in making great meals for yourself. You can search by food, cooking times, and more. You can save the recipes you want to cook, and even create a shopping list when you’re ready to prepare the meal. The recipes range from gourmet meals to fast and easy meals. Epicurious is free to download from the App Store today.

6. Beanhunter


In college, the local coffee shop can be a pivotal place to go. Not only can you do the obvious, pick up a cup of Joe, but you can also have the local coffee shop as a great place to hang out and meet new people, a quiet place to study, and also a place where you can make yourself a regular and build relationships with the staff. However, it can be hard to find the right one when big chain shops seem to get all of the attention. Beanhunter is there to put the focus back on the smaller hangouts that sometimes go unnoticed. I like to call it the Urbanspoon for coffee lovers. You can get reviews or see photos. Plus, it’s free to download, so get to it now and find your next hangout spot.

7. Groupon


Without a doubt, the cost of expense in the university is high. For those without scholarships or a bit of help from the parents, scraping and saving is the way to go. Groupon allows you to experience your new college town on a budget. You can check out and redeem the latest deals and purchase your Groupon from the application. From half off on meals to 70 or even 80% off on entertainment, Groupon makes having a blast affordable. Groupon is free to download and is available on the App Store today.

What other apps do you use to manage your university life?

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