5 Useful Android Apps That Work With A Stylus

While Steve Jobs has made the stylus useless in the iPhone, Samsung has made it useful again with the S-Pen. If you have gotten yourself a stylus and are wondering which apps allow you to make full of it, here are several Android apps that are made to be used with a stylus.

1. ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF

Some of the PDF files out there do not allow markup. However, there are some apps out there allowing you to add arrows, circles, text notes and other annotations to a PDF. That’s what ezPDF Reader does. While ezPDF Reader isn’t specifically made for the use with a stylus, when annotating a PDF, using a stylus will make the mark-up a lot easier and more accurate with a pen.


2. Write

A lot of schools and businesses are seeing the benefit of using a tablet or smart phone during the course of the day. This is where Android apps that work with a stylus come in really handy. An app like Write will let you easily take notes in class or in a meeting just like you would if you had a notebook to scribe in. Write gives you different style screens to write on such as black sheets, lined and graph paper styles. Having the different styles make it easier for you to think of Write like your digital notebook.


3. SignEasy: Sign On The Go

When there is a need to sign a document, using your finger does not always give you an accurate representation of your signature. Using Android apps that work with a stylus like SignEasy will make it look like you used a pen to sign and date the paperwork instead of a crayon. To sign a document, you can import it right from the email or storage app. Once you sign and date it, you can email it right back.


4. FreeNote

You know how Evernote can be a really powerful note taking app. Well think of FreeNote to be that powerful for stylus users. You can easily create notes, add images and use a combination of the stylus and keyboard to enter in notes. A really cool feature of FreeNote is when editing a note, you can sort the note by layers. So when you markup an image, you can choose which part of the complex note you’d like to modify or erase.


5. Infinite Painter Free

It is pretty difficult to draw on the mobile screen with your finger and still be artistic. Infinite Painter eliminates the limitations and gives you an app where you can let your inner Monet flow from mind to screen. The different features like Pressure-sensitivity and blending colors to make the art you are creating look more like it would in other mediums.


Final Words

When you have a cool accessory for your phone, you will want to use it. Having a stylus can make your Android user experience a lot better if you have the right applications. While the applications in this list are only a small few of what’s available, you now have a place to start.

Share your most used Android apps that work with a stylus in the comment section below.

Image credit: Stylus by Wikimedia

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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