7 Tricks to Improve Facebook Functionality

Facebook has become the go to destination for social networking. There are always ways to make Facebook better than what it gives you on its own, and we offer 7 tricks to improve Facebook functionality that will work for anyone no matter how often you use the social network.

1. Forwarding your Facebook conversations

If you are having a conversation with a friend and want to involve another friend on Facebook, you can forward messages instead of simply copying and pasting them into a separate message.

1. Open the message you want to forward and click “Actions.”


2. Then, click “Forward Messages….”

3. Now, you will click on the messages you want to include and click “Forward.”


4. Select the recipients to forward the messages to.


5. Finally, add a message of your own, add any files or photos to the message, and click “Send” to forward it on.


This can be an effective way to include others in a conversation on Facebook.

2. Utilizing View As to change your appearance to specific people

Have you ever wondered what others see when they view your profile? If so, you can check it out by using the View as function in Facebook.

1. Head to your Facebook profile.

2. Click the “Gear Icon” next to Activity Log, then click “View as….”


3. Now, you can filter through viewing your profile publicly, a specific group or a person.


4. Click on “View as Specific Person” to type in a person’s name to see how they view your profile.


View as can actually let you see what a specific person sees when they visit your profile which can be helpful in finalizing your privacy settings.

3. Appear offline to certain people

Do you enjoy using Facebook chat but do not like talking to everyone at once? You can appear offline to certain people to avoid them if necessary.

1. Open Facebook Chat.

2. Click the “Gear Icon” in the top right hand corner of Facebook Chat, then click “Advanced Settings….”


3. Make sure you have checked “Turn on chat for all friends except…” before entering the names of those you want to appear offline to.


Once you have added them to this list, they will no longer see when you log into Facebook Chat.

4. Schedule Facebook status updates from a Page

If you run a Facebook Page, you may not always have the time to update it. You can schedule Facebook Page updates to keep your fans in the loop.

5. Control what you are tagged in

Have you ever been tagged in a photo or status you wish you had not been? Most Facebook users do not even realize you can approve tags before they go live.

1. Click the “Lock Icon” in the top right hand corner of Facebook.


2. Click “See More Settings.”

3. Now, click “Timeline and Tagging.”


4. Under the sub-header Who can add things to my timeline, click “Edit” next to Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline.


5. Change Disabled to “Enabled” to turn on reviewing tags on Facebook.

Enable approving tags

Any time someone tags you in a photo or status update, you will have the opportunity to review it before it goes live on Facebook.

6. Hide updates from your news feed

We all have those friends who post day in and day out things that annoy us. It may be memes, game updates or something else, but we do not want to unfriend them. We simply want to hide those updates.

1. Click on the “Drop Down” arrow next to any post on your Facebook feed, then click “Hide….”

Hide an update

This will hide a single post in your feed from someone.

Change hidden updates

2. From here, click “Change what updates you get from.”


3. Now, you can choose what type of updates you see from that person or you can choose not to see any updates by unselecting everything.

This can help filter posts in your feed that seem pointless or just annoy you without having to actually unfriend someone.

7. Change the title and description of your posts

When you share a link on Facebook, the title and description are automatically filled in for you. However, you can change them to suit your needs.

1. Paste a link into the status update box.

2. Once it auto-fills the title and description, just click on either one to edit it.


3. When you finish editing it, click “Enter” to update it.


4. Then, post the status as you normally would with your edited title and description.

This is a great way to make a link stand out on your Facebook feed.

What Facebook tips and tricks do you use to get more out of the social network?

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Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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