7 Christmas Live Wallpapers For Android

xmas-wallpapers-androidPeople get pretty nutty about the holidays. They get hyped up for shopping for and receiving gifts and going to all of the holiday parties with friends and family. People also love to decorate their houses, pets and anything else they can.

Below are several Live Wallpapers for Android to get your Android phone into the holiday spirit. Some of them are Christmas specific, others are winterly or have counters for New Years day too.

1. Real Snow

Real snow gives you a evening background with falling white snow flakes. You have the choice of having text displayed with a countdown to New Years day. The settings let you change the speed and the number of flakes that fall.

xmas wallpapers-real snow

Download Real Snow

2. Christmas Snow

Christmas Snow is one of the most configurable Live Wallpapers on the list. It offers about 20 different backgrounds and 3 different looks for your snowflakes. You can also select the speed and density for the falling flakes. The images are cartoony, but fit well with the holiday season. Not all of the images are geared toward Christmas specifically. There are other winterly scenes packed in there too.

xmas wallpapers-christmas snow

Download Christmas Snow

3. Santa’s Sleigh

Santa will travel across your screen with his reindeer dropping presents in the snow below. You do not have many options to change the speed, number of gifts or sound in the free version. If you really like the free version, but want more features, you can opt for the paid Live Wallpaper.

xmas wallpapers-santas sleigh

Download Santa’s Sleigh

4. Snowfall Free

Snowfall free is great Live Wallpaper for a wooded winter snow scene on your Android. There are no adjustments in the free version so either you like it the way it is or you can pay the fee for the pro version. The paid version was one of Google’s 10 cent apps when they were running their sale to celebrate 10 billion downloads.

xmas wallpapers-snowfall free

Download Snowfall Free

5. White Christmas

White Christmas is, by far, the most customizable of the Android Live Wallpapers listed here. What I mean is, you can change the background to one of your own images. This is something none of the other wallpapers on the list offer. You can also remove parts of the wallpaper you do not want like the little animated GIF. There is a countdown timer to Christmas too.

xmas wallpapers-white christmas

Download White Christmas

6. Christmas and New Years Countdown

The countdown to Christmas and New Years is just what you would think it would be. It is a widget that gives you a counter with the days, hours and seconds until Christmas day. Many people download this thinking it is a wallpaper so make sure you look for it in the widgets and not as a wallpaper.

xmas wallpapers-countdown widget

Download Christmas and New Years Countdown

7. 3D Christmas Lights

3D Christmas Lights gives you a rotating cube with a Christmas tree in it. I like the red one personally. There are several adjustments you can make such as, the background and light color, rotate on touch, the light source and the angle. There is a pro version if you want to get more into customizing or want more tree options.

xmas wallpapers-3d christmas lights

Download 3D Christmas Lights


The people who go all out on the holidays will really like being able to make their Android Live Wallpaper match all of the holiday decorations in their home and probably the pet they dress up for the family photo (poor dog).

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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