6 Useful Websites to Help You Learn Coding

If you are enthusiastic about learning the language of the Internet, then this post will surely help you attain your goal. Over in this post we have listed down six useful websites, which will help you learn the basics and fundamental principles of coding (HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.).

The six websites are as follows:

1. W3school

W3School is one of the best places on the Internet if you are looking for a “complete” learning database for Internet languages, including – HTML, Scripting, XML, Web Services and Web Building.


The W3School also provides the user with an online certification program for anyone who wishes to become certified in some of the most popular Internet languages.

One of the best features found in W3School is the “Try It Yourself Editor” which gives the users an opportunity to experiment with the different Internet languages as they learn. Moreover, as the famous quote goes “Practice makes perfect”.

Apart from the detailed descriptions, references and clear explained tutorials, the website also has Quiz Test available for users who wish to test their knowledge.

2. Web DevelopersNotes

Web Developers Note is an online database that has a sufficient amount of data regarding the different Internet languages – HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and many others.


The user can browse the different languages through the left-hand side menu and choose the language, which they wish to learn.

Once on the language page, you can view all the tutorials, tips and tricks below.

3. WebDesign Library

WebDesign Library is a constantly updated website that provides users with tutorials and guides regarding many different Internet languages such as CMS, HTML and CSS, PHP and many other languages are present.


The languages can be browsed and picked through the menu found on the left-hand side.

Once on the page, you can view all the tutorials regarding the language, which also shows you the experience level of the tutorial, which ranges from Beginners to Professionals.

Another great feature on the website are the comments found below each tutorial which further improve the learning level of the user as users ask and get responded on different types of problems.

4. Quackit

QuackIt is an online portal for learning many different Internet languages such as – HTML, CSS, Database, XML and more.


The website provides user with a simple user-friendly layout to search the language they are looking to learn and then below it provides them links to tutorials regarding that language.23

The tutorial gives you a clear, well-defined tutorial showing you the codes, explaining them and showing you the output that should result from the given code.

5. WebMonkey

WebMonkey is an online website for learning Internet coding (languages). The popular folks who founded WIRED.com made the website, WebMonkey.


The section that covers all the different Internet languages is “Web Dev & Design”. Under this, you can find all the Internet coding languages, such as – Ajax, CSS, HTML5 and many other popular ones too.

Unlike other websites, WebMonkey has a more “blog like” layout, which is easy to use, and browse. WebMonkey provides the users with Cheat Sheets and Cut & Paste Codes for the users who wish to save some time.

6. HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial provides users with helpful and complete guides to creating web pages. The website has a list of tutorials to browse through, for HTML and CSS.


The experience level of each tutorial varies and ranges from tutorials for beginners to tutorials for experts and professionals.

Just like QuackIt, HTML Code Tutorial gives users the code and the result that results from that code which is helpful for users, as they know what they have to expect from the code.


These are some of the six well organized and updated websites on the Internet for learning Internet languages. The tutorials are broken down into many smaller parts so learning a language was never easier.

Image credit: Sourcecode Background by Big Stock Photo.


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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