6 Useful Web Radios For Music Listening

A while ago I reviewed Last.fm which is typically my streaming music player/site of choice. Lately though, I have been growing weary of the same music and groups being played. I started looking around for some different sites to help me quench my thirst for new sounds.

If you are looking around for new options of Web radio, here are 6 of them that you can consider.

1. Deezer


The first one I came across was Deezer. It has playlists, radio stations and full albums to listen to. Deezer really lets you explore new music in all kinds of different ways. What I liked most about this site is the options; it isn’t just radio or playlists.

Deezer is laid out in a way which gives you plenty of way to start. Right in the center of the homepage are a few of the featured albums or radio stations. As you move down the page, you are presented with more options like featured playlists, songs topping the charts in different countries and a few featured webradios

2. Pandora


Pandora is one I have used a lot. The main reason I use Pandora so much is the app for my Blackberry. Having all of the basic functions and all of my stations with me where ever I am has been really great. When I am at my desk or on my laptop, I don’t always want to have my browser open.

Pandorabrowse (Windows) and Pandoraboy (Mac) allow such access.

What I do not like about Pandora is it play mostly well known groups. Also when you “thumbs up” several songs, it really narrows the amount of songs it plays.

3. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a pretty cool site for finding new groups. The site and player has a iTunes feel to it. When you type a query into the search bar, it pulls up a window with a long list of possible matches. The selections had a pretty wide variety with a lot of groups I had never heard of. When you find an album you want to listen to, you can add either a single song or the entire album to your playlist.


Signing up for a free account gives you options to save songs, playlists and share the song via email, Twitter, Facebook and a few others.

4. Imeem


Imeem is a little different than the others in the way it pulls up the results. If you were to type in the artist Tricky into the search bar, it pulls up a bunch of individual songs with the word or artists with tricky in it. From this window, you can click the blue bar at the top of the list and add all of the songs in the results to a playlist. The playlist plays in a pop out window.

5. Playlist


Playlist is a great site for sharing music with friends. You can share an entire playlist of songs you have randomly chosen. Other sites typically let you share a single song or artist. On Playlist, you can see other people’s playlists in their entirety. You can also create a playlist of your own while listening to other people’s playlists. This is done simply by clicking the add tab to the right of the song playing. It will add that song to your list.

6. 8tracks


8track is another great site to share playlists with people. Much like some of the other sites, it is very easy to share your musical selections with others via social media. With 8track, it is easy to find and listen to random playlists. When you search for a particular artist or tag, it will pull up mixes created by others which include that artist or style of music. I really like this because you are not getting one artist, you are getting several all with similar styles but in the same genre. It is really easy to find new music this way.

Overall, I still use Last.fm and Pandora the most because of the mobile and desktop application options. I know I would use the others more often if such options were available to me. (My Blackberry 4.5 OS isn’t supported… I need an upgrade ASAP)

What sites do you use to discover new music?

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Trevor Dobrygoski Trevor Dobrygoski

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  1. Bob-
    I hadn’t heard of sky.fm. I tried it out last night at work. It seems to play a good mix.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Bob-
    I hadn’t heard of sky.fm. I tried it out last night at work. It seems to play a good mix.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. My favorite is SomaFM, but you won't find any of the top 40 on any of their stations.

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