6 More Exciting Android Live Wallpapers

A little over a year ago, I did a post on Live Wallpapers on Android which became popular as new Android users wanted to push their devices to the limit. Today, the Android platform has matured significantly and with better hardware comes improved support for live wallpapers. This article will feature some of the newer live wallpapers available in the market.

Most live wallpapers are like screensavers, pleasing to look at but otherwise useless. In contrast, the Bubbleator Live Wallpaper aims to provide both form and function by streaming useful content from a variety of sources, including Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, SMS messages, incoming phone calls, and upcoming events straight to your home screen. You can customise these “bubbles” of information to suit your specific needs and have them displayed alongside your other widgets and icons.




Android Market

Nightfall Live Wallpaper features a night time landscape scene with twinkling stars, drifting nebulas, and a glowing moon. You can set the silhouette, the type of moon, and whether the stars should twinkle or not.




Android Market (Free) | Android Market (Paid $1.49)

This is an interesting live wallpaper which provides an unique look at the planet Earth from orbiting satellites. The app gives you a number of options, including the ability to adjust the rotation speed, the satellite view, and settings to align the view of the Earth on your home screen.




Android Market

This realistic live wallpaper is for the aquatic fauna lover and features numerous sharks and other sea creatures swimming around your phone against a backdrop of beautiful coral reefs. The free version is quite limited and features small exotic fishes, coral, and a number of sharks. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can choose between three themes (The Sunken Ship, The Bermuda Triangle, and The Atlantis), a number of additional sharks (Bull Shark, Black Tip Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, Nurse Shark, Whale Shark, Zebra Shark, Hammerhead Shark), and a number of species of fishes. This particular live wallpaper also supports both horizontal and vertical orientations of the phone.




Android Market (Free) | Android Market (Paid $1.55)

Since the release of the Captain America film, this particular live wallpaper has become very popular. In fact it is quite a cool wallpaper featuring the Cap’s trademark shield that can be bombarded with bullets.



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The flip clock is a popular Android app which displays a retro version of a clock flipping down cards as the minutes and hours change. The  flip clock live wallpaper is a similar concept except the flipping clock is part of your wallpaper. The wallpaper also shows you additional information such as weather data (forecasts and temperature data) and information about your device (such as the CPU temp, the battery level and the next alarm). The paid version of the live wallpaper allows you to customise the weather data provider.




Android Market (Free) | Android Market (Paid $2.00)

Now that you have seen our selection, let’s have a poll: Are you willing to pay for a live wallpaper for your Android device?

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