6 Lesser Known Android Home Screen Launchers

There are a lot of home screen launchers available in the Android Market. There are some very popular launchers we have talked about here on MTE. Go Launcher EX, Nemus Launcher and the ever popular ADW. Below I tried to list some lesser known home screen replacement launchers for you to try out.

Each of these replacements has some benefit over the pre-installed Android launcher. As you will see, some are more elaborate and some are very minimalistic. If you have a replacement home screen you like, leave it in the comment section below.

Regina 3D Launcher is a great looking replacement for your home screen. You have access to a new set of widgets that match the layout of the launcher. You can also download different wallpapers and themes if you don’t like the default wood grained look.

There is a really cool feature with Regina 3D. It is called Secret Workspace. To access the Secret Workspace, you need to tap a code you create using the 4 corners of the screen. It is a whole different set of screens where you can load different icons onto the pages. In the Secret Workspace, settings, you are given the choice to hide applications. Yes, this means it hides them from the app drawer when you do not have the Secret Workspace open. Wrap your head around the possibilities.

android launcher-regina 3d

Zeam Launcher is a very minimalist launcher. After you have installed it and activated it, all you see is the background picture you had. There is are no apps or widgets on the screen other than in a task bar at the bottom. Even then, there are only 4 app icons and an app drawer icon. You get 3 home screens to do with as you please.

In the settings, there are a few settings like Action bindings. These are gestures like swiping up on the screen or double tapping a blank spot on the screen.

android launcher-zeam

Launcher 7 gives your Android the tiles and the app drawer the look of a Windows 7 Phone. Personally I like the tiled menu on the Windows 7 Phones. It is very functional and lets you make adjustments to the color of the tiles, background and aspects of the app drawer. You can add widgets as tiles too.

android launcher-launcher 7

Probably the coolest feature of Butterfly+ launcher is the option to transfer the settings from your previous launcher. Granted, it may not keep everything, but in my opinion, adding all of the apps and widgets to your screens again has kept me from trying new launchers.

Butterfly+ comes with its own set of widgets. Aside from being able to change the wallpaper and add and remove home screens, there are not many adjustments.

android launcher-butterfly 1

MXHome Launcher is a pretty simple launcher. You start with 5 screens but can change that number from 1 – 7. There is a screen all the way to the left that is a cool looking analog clock with the gears showing. There are spots on it to get to your mail, contacts or the Internet. There is also a battery gauge along with options to put your phone on vibrate and turn both your Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth on and off.

The app drawer is really neat if you are an app’o’haulic. You can sort the apps by date, alphabetical order or even by category. You get the applications in the categories, you can drag the app into the appropriate folder.

android launcher-mxhome

ICS launcher is the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich look-a-like launcher. It gives you the look and feel of Ice Cream Sandwich on your older OS. There are different widgets and the font is different. You will gain gestures so you can swipe up and open the app drawer if you set it to do that. You can add a banner too. This may not seem like anything special, but most launchers do not have this feature.

android launcher-ics

In the end, your Android home screen needs to be pleasing to the eye, but still needs to be functional. It make take some time to find the right launcher. I have personally tried several on my newest phone and haven’t found the right one to balance fun and functional.

What is your Android home screen launcher of choice?