6 iOS Apps For Getting In Shape

Spring is only a couple of weeks away. This means that individuals who are wanting to get into tip-top shape for summer are either beginning or in the height of reaching weight loss goal. However, if you haven’t started to work on your summer weight loss goal just yet, we have a couple of applications that can help. From applications that help track weight and intake, to applications that help with once you get to the gym, there are many applications available that help make weight loss simple, easier, and fun. Let’s take a look at those apps now.

1. Nike Training Club


Fancy a personal trainer without the costly hiring cost and one that can fit itself to match your schedule? Nike Training Club is just like your personal trainer and it provides you with a quality workout experience. Nike Training Club allows you to be ready at any time for a workout, from early in the morning or late in the evening. Full workouts are also very time friendly, with most lasting a little under 45 minutes to an hour, meaning that it doesn’t take out much time from your day. You have the ability to set your weight goal, making it easy to have workouts that are geared toward the goal. Along with voice instructions, you can also enjoy some of your iTunes favorites. Did I mention, you get all of this plus tips and workouts from acclaimed and famous celebrity trainers all for free! Yes, this is definitely worth the download!

2. Gym Goal Plus


GymGoal Plus is a favorite for many individuals searching for a weight loss application. GymGoal Plus offers visual ways of showing how to do workouts, how to track your weight loss goal, and more. GymGoal Plus is a rather complicated app, but once you know what GymGoal Plus does and how it does that, the whole process will be a breeze. GymGoal Pro helps you get through these workouts with animations that show you how to do each one, step by step. GymGoal Plus allows you to center your workouts based on your target areas. You want to get into swimsuit shape, work on weight loss. You want to gain muscle to show off on the beach, work on muscle building. You can schedule when you want to work out, allowing you to fit it into your schedule, instead of vice versa. You have logs, allowing you to track your progress and music with your iTunes integration allows for a good workout. All of this comes at an agreeable price of $4.99.

3. My Workouts


This application may be simple, but it definitely is worth the 25cents. My Workouts is simply your digital log, allowing you to record how many repetitions and weight. This application also has a time slot for recording how long you worked out and a spot for calories burned. It doesn’t feature a ton of options or features, but it gets the job done and save you the trouble to manage a physical log book. In the end of the log, you can add notes to yourself, allowing you to add to your improvements and change your mistakes. This is a digital take on the fitness log.

4. Fitness for iPad


Fitness for iPad teaches you various exercise techniques through video and other multimedia. Fitness for iPad allows you to tailor which videos to watch based on your specific goal. This is all possible in the part of the application known as Fast Mode. Along with working out, you can relax with the application’s very own magazine featuring exercise tips and healthy lifestyle ideas. Fitness for iPad understands that we all may want to have a day to enjoy some of our guilty pleasures in fast food, Fitness offers you calorie counts for various fast food dishes as well as other foods to allow you to count calories and make wise eating choices. Fitness for iPad is available for the regular price of $3.99 with price specials throughout the year that make it cost only $0.99. You can also choose for subscriptions and individual work outs for an affordable price.

5. WeightBot


Weightbot is a strictly weight recording application, allowing you to keep up with your weight over a calendar month, along with your BMI. You can enter your weight each day, allowing you to know how much you’ve gained or loss based on your workouts and healthy eating. This is a great way of choosing workouts that work great for you and ones you should let go. You can add goals based on a date and/or weight. In addition, you can look at the greater scale of your improvement with the ability to view a graph showing your progress over time. You can also see how close or far you are to your goal.

6. Calorie Counter For iPad


Aside from exercise, a great way to lose weight or even to have a good lifestyle is to eat healthy. Calorie Counter allows you to do this with their iPad application. Calorie Counter allows you to find great, low calorie food at restaurants and in grocery stores. At a grocery store, you can scan the barcode for easy information retrieval. When you eat a meal or snack, you can track your caloric intake, allowing you to know what to cut back on. You can keep a food diary for adding notes to yourself, and a calendar is there to track your progress. In addition to calories, Calorie Counter allows you to keep track of weight and exercise. Calorie Counter is available for free on the Apple App Store.

What other apps do you use to manage your weight loss plans and workout?

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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