6 Handy Google Calendar Alternatives

Google Calendar is one of my favorite web applications. We can manage appointments, events, etc. but many of us may find it unsuitable for our needs. If you are one of the users who uses the Google Calendar, but are now looking for similar yet useful alternatives, it would be wise to check out the following calendar alternatives that provide you with similar features.

1. 1calendar

1calendar is an amazing Google Calendar alternative that allows you to combine private activities, along with other personal and public tasks.


One of the best things about 1calendar is the fact that you can integrate it with Facebook, which imports all the events and birthdays. 1calendar is also an amazing tool for school going kids who can update their school timetable in real-time with push notifications.

A mobile app for 1calendar makes it one of the best easy-to-use, and portable alternative for Google Calendar. The mobile app has offline access so you can use it anywhere you want.


2. Coolendar

Coolendar is not only a calendar. It takes things to a completely new level by combining your schedule and a lot more things together to make it the most effective.


You can use alerts to notify you of different events. The alerts can be sent directly to your e-mail, messenger, and web, desktop, mobile and even twitter.

One of the best things about Coolendar is the vast availability of the app. It is found not only for iPhone or for Android, but is also available for the Web, Amazon Kindle, Email and even Twitter.


3. Tungle

If you are a person who is constantly on the move, then you might want to check Tungle out.


You cannot only synchronize your Tungle Calendar with Hotmail, Google or Yahoo! Calendars but you may also wish to schedule events letting other people know when you are free or letting other people send you an invite!

The simple, user-friendly interface of Tungle makes it an amazing alternative to Google Calendar. A mobile app is available for Blackberry and iPhone.


4. Scheduly

If you have an established business, just list down the services your business offers and whenever you require – direct your clients towards the page.


The client can then choose the best time for using your services by grabbing their desired time out of your available time slots.

You can even “Manage” your client pool to allow only authorized clients schedule your services.


5. Whichtime

Whichtime is a Google Calendar alternative that requires absolutely no app or program to be downloaded in order to be used.


Just use the online form to create point-and-click events and make your very own timetable in a few easy steps. Once done, you can either download the calendar or just access it from the web whenever you need it.


6. Timeshout

Timeshout is a place that not only lets you schedule events, but also allows you to promote them and share it with the world.


Create and post your events to show them off, you can even create bookable events and let people buy tickets and pay for them online.

The service is FREE to use and even has mobile access available for easy access.



There you have it – 6 of the finest or some of the best Google Calendar alternatives available on the Internet. There are a lot more, but all of these are FREE and effective at the same time. If you know about any other tool which can serve a handy scheduling web app, please share with us.

Image Credit: J_Moses


  1. I’m confused why we aren’t using Google Calendar anymore…nothing is wrong with it…

    1. There is nothing wrong with it. It just that people are always looking for alternatives, no matter how good a product is.

    2. I tried using Google Calendar for the two websites I run. However it isn’t possible to add URL links into the “event” description. I therefore have to create a spreadsheet and use that instead.

      1. You can add URL links to the event description, just use simple HTML anchor.

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