6 Free Essential House Hunting Apps for iOS

The current real estate situation in the United States is a huge result of the economy. This has created a buyers market for individuals in real estate. For those selling a home, they may not expect to close on their home for months, or year. For those who are looking for homes, they have many to choose from, with many being on sale for a much lower price. Whether you’re a college student finally moving off campus or a family looking to get out of renting, here are six free applications we recommend for you.

1. MagicPlan for iOS


Even after you’ve found the home of your dreams and are ready to move in, there is still a challenge that looms. Will the furniture fit, or do we have to throw it in storage.

Before, there were three options to this dilemma. Either go along and hope everything will fit as planned, bring a tape measurer and measure every inch of the prospective houses you are touring, or measure with our eyes and see what looks like it will fit. All of these options are just counterproductive at best.

The MagicPlan app for iOS hopes to put more productivity back into your home search by having a measurer and sketcher on your iPhone. Simply take a photo of corners and doors, which will then turn everything into a detailed house plan. This allows you to future convert the plan into a pdf or jPEG file and plan out how you’ll move everything in.

MagicPlan for iOS

2. REALTOR.com Real Estate Search


Realtor.com is a leader in the house search for individuals looking to both rent or purchase their home. Their advanced searching tools on their website is unparalleled and this makes Realtor.com a must-have website to visit for anyone searching for their next home. However, when on the go, you may need a quicker resource to refer to when checking out the neighborhood for available homes. Realtor.com for iOS is that resource.

Realtor.com allows you to view photos, details, and other details for properties. You can also search by neighborhood and even save favorite listings for later referral, just like what you can do on the Realtor.com website. With the ability to view sold listings, this can allow you to get the climate of the current real estate situation by neighborhood, allowing you to know overpriced listings over great deals.

REALTOR.com Real Estate Search

3. Walk Score for iOS

homehunt-walk score

Are there schools nearby? Is the coffee shop near by a big chain or does it have more of a neighborhood feel? These are some of the questions that prospective home buyers may ask themselves when checking out the neighborhood. WalkScore.com is a popular website that allows you to enter an address and get a score based on how “walkable” the neighborhood is.

The score takes into consideration nearby businesses, schools, places of entertainment, and other locales. This then translates into if it’s either a Walker’s Paradise or Car Dependent. You don’t even need a specific address to get a score. You can search by neighborhood, showing open listings, to produce a score from there. Find a house you like? The contact information is available for each listing, allowing you to set-up a viewing and ask more questions.

Walk Score for iOS

4. Zillow Real Estate

homehunt-zillow real estate

Zillow Real Estate for iOS allows you to have your house search focused more on the property value and those values around the prospective house or neighborhood.

Zillow allows you to search for real estate listings in the city of your choice, allowing you to get information on the property, save for later viewing, and even contact the owner or landlord. Plus, you have the ability to view home value estimates around you, allowing you to know if you have a great value on your hands.

Along with this, you can view high quality photos of the outside and inside of the home you are possibly purchasing and even get notifications when homes of your criteria are available on the market. That is the main selling point of this free app.

Zillow Real Estate

5. Truila for iOS


Truila is one of the best designed real estate applications out there. The application allows you to do all of the features you expect from a real estate application, from home searching according to your criteria to being able to see a map view of the city for open listings.

Outside of this, you also can save listings you are interested in, allowing you to stay on top of things with those listings until you are ready to go ahead and sign off on the house. Aside from house listings, Truila allows you to see locations and places of entertainment near you.

Truila for iOS

6. HomeSnap for iOS

homehunt-home snap

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. However, could a picture of a home show the worth of the property? According to HomeSnap, it can. The HomeSnap application allows you to view a home’s value, neighborhood information, similar homes and prices, and much more.

This all happens by by taking a photo of the home. You can then go from there to ensure that the homes you are interested in are good choices, or if there’s something better in the neighborhood. We see similar apps that can do similar things like this, including apps that allow you to take photos of book covers to get pricing and shopping information – HomeSnap does the same with homes.

This free app can simplify your home search in a revolutionary way.

HomeSnap for iOS

What other means do you use to search for your next home more efficiently and effectively?

Image credit: Find Home Concept. by Big Stock Photo.

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