6 Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone Users

Having some trouble waking up in the morning? Do you want a better alarm clock in your iPhone than the default one? Well, if so than here are some 6 FREE really amazing alarm clocks for your iPhone.

1. Alarm Clock

Turn your iPhone into a clean, simple yet beautiful alarm clock that glows in the dark. Not only that, it also displays live local weather and temperature so that you always know what the time is and how the weather is. The application might save you a trip to the window to check the weather when you wake up.

Alarm Clock Free

Furthermore, if you slide/flick up and down the screen, the screen brightness is automatically reduced, so you never have to worry about looking at the “sun” when you check the time half-asleep.

Alarm Clock Free

2. iHome – Alarm Clock

A much more advanced alarm clock for the iPhone. It allows you to set nap alarms, sleep alarms and even has the feature called “Gentle Wake” which wakes you at such a moment that you are in your light sleep during it.


Sleep statistics are logged, which you may check out later on. It even allows users to set songs saved in iPhone library as alarm.

iHome Alarm Clock

3. Alarm Tunes Lite

Yet another simple and free alarm clock for the iPhone and iOS devices. You can easily set one of your iPhone Library songs as your alarm or choose from the two different alarm options, if you wish. Snooze option is also available, with a theme that is compatible with Retina Display for the iPhone 4!

Alarm Tunes

You can also schedule alarms (including: everyday, weekdays only, or weekends only). The app also notifies you of any local feed, even if you leave the app.

Alarm Tunes Lite

4. Alarm Clock Connect Lite

Not only is this your alarm clock, but also consider it your morning newspaper that feeds you all the happenings overnight, from the weather, to music, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Alarm Clock Connect

Even important events and calendar events are displayed. 12/24-hour clock mode is also available for those who wish to keep either of the two. A dimming panel allows you to decrease the screen illumination while you sleep.

Alarm Clock Connect Lite

5. Nightstand Central

One of the more customizable alarm clocks available for the iPhone. Nightstand Central is a unique alarm clock that allows you to customize it’s wallpaper, and displays the local weather feed in the morning if you want.


With the weather details plus an alarm clock, what possibly more could a person want?

Nightstand Central

6. Alarm Clock Monster

Alarm Clock Monster puts an end to all the old, default bland alarm clock and brings in a more customized alarm clock for you. A simple yet effective alarm clock which has a mixture of “cute, funny and alarming” in it.

Alarm Clock Monster

You are able to change the room decor, and even set multiple alarms. If you want, you can set a custom alarm sound from your iPhone song library.

Alarm Clock Monster


True, there are hundreds of free alarm clocks out there available for the iPhone, but these are some of the “best of the best” apps we liked during our search for free alarm clocks for the iPhone. If you know about any other iPhone App which lie in the same category, please share with us using the comments’ section below.

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