500px: The Ultimate Website for Photography Enthusiasts

In recent years, there have been numerous websites launched targeted at photography enthusiasts. While many of these sites lets photographers upload and share their photographers, they still leave out features that would completely satisfy photography enthusiasts. From a lack of customization options to a lack of interaction with other site members, such sites come with numerous flaws.

Thankfully however, there is one site out there that will satiate the needs of all photography enthusiasts: 500px.


500px is a brilliant feature-rich website that serves as the platform for photographers to share their work and view the work of others. In addition to letting people view each other’s photos, the site lets users interact with one another using commenting on photographs. A voting system on the pictures indicates their popularity. Users’ walls and blog posts also facilitate interaction and sharing with other site users.



If you are simply browsing 500px, you can view the most popular photos on the site by clicking the “take a look at popular photos” link under the “Register now” button. This will show you all the popular images on the site.


If you plan on using 500px to share photos, you start by creating an account on the site. Click on the blue registration button and fill out the form that subsequently appears. The username you select is used as a subdomain to direct visitors to your photography profile.


After filling your form, check your email inbox for an activation link. Click on the link and you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard will initially be empty as you will need to follow other photographers and upload your own photo collections. You should start by checking out what other photographers and their profiles look like. Browse through the site’s users and visit their profiles. You will find that each profile has tabs for photos, blog, friends, activity, favorites, and wall. The profile page also includes the photographer’s equipment and short description. If a photographer interests you, click on the “Start following” button under his name.


When you follow other photographers, their photo updates and activity show up on your dashboard.


Images on the site and your dashboard appear as thumbnails. Simply click on a thumbnail to be taken to the picture’s page. On the page you will find the image enlarged along with a description, commenting section, voting on the right pane, and details about the photo’s camera.


By learning from photos and profiles from other users you can start creating your own photo collections on the site and select a visual theme for them.



While 500px offers a lot of features to its free users, it offers advanced premium features too. Unlimited uploads and collections, a custom domain name, and Analytics supports is only part of these premium features. These features begin from $50 per year.


500px is simply an amazing website with a wonderful collection of photographers. Talented photographers from around the world use the site to share their breathtaking pictures. For photography enthusiasts as well as people only casually looking for good photos, 500px will be an excellent choice.

You can visit 500px @ http://500px.com/

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