5 Windows Themes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Not long ago, we took a look at ten beautiful themes for Windows, spanning all sorts of subjects from castles to nature to animals. Microsoft is continuously updating its Personalization Gallery, adding new themes that cover those subjects and many others, like art, current movies, games and even sports cars.

Another favorite subject to cover is seasons and holidays, and this is a prime-time of the year for both of those. With winter ready to officially kick off in the northern hemisphere, and the holidays fast approaching, this is a great time to look at a few new themes to get you in the spirit of the times.

We have chosen a nice mix of five Windows themes that illustrate both weather and holidays. Each is free and was produced by Microsoft themselves (they didn’t actually take the pictures) and comes with multiple images to rotate around as your desktop background.

1. Decking the Halls


These 12 images bring colorful ornaments to your desktop. Ribbons, balls and even candles are included, all in nicely done close-up photos. You can almost smell the scent of the pine tree when you sit down at your desk.

Download Decking the Halls

2. Snowmen


While not strictly holiday, the Snowmen theme for Windows is certainly seasonal. These eight wallpapers bring back childhood memories with variations on the tried and true design, and all are pictured in beautiful country settings, complete with barns, woods and more.

Download Snowmen

3. Decorating the Trees


When it comes to the holiday tradition of decorating a tree, we all tend to think of the one we place in our homes. Those out in the elements traditionally only receive lights. But the nine images in this theme depict trees out in the great outdoors, but all are adorned with ornaments – some traditional, while others are more natural.

Download Decorating the Trees

4. Snowflakes and Frost


Not much screams winter more loudly than snow and frost. Watching the white flakes fall while staring through a pane of glass that is partially blocked by condensation caused by the meeting of the warm inside air and frigid outside air is something most us did plenty of as children – providing you grew up in a climate that was conducive to such phenomena.

This theme packs in eight images that display the delicate, but beautiful patterns that are formed by these ice crystals when conditions are right.

Download Snowflakes and Frost

5. Twinkle Wish


Unlike the previous four themes, which all contained stunning photography, this one relies on animation to propel itself into your hearts. The six images will remind you of holiday specials we all watched as children, minus the Claymation, of course. This theme is definitely for those with children, though that certainly shouldn’t be considered a prerequisite for downloading it.

Download Twinkle Wish


Regardless of your tastes for this time of year, there should be something here that will suit you. Microsoft does have a handful of others available though. Not to mention, you can always create your own, which not only personalizes things, but is a fun little project as well.

Apologies to our readers in the southern hemisphere, but there just aren’t any appropriate themes in the Microsoft Gallery for you. Maybe next year.

Image credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0-us, via Wikimedia Commons

Alan Buckingham

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