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While finding Creative Commons images is difficult enough, it’s even harder to find videos you can legally use as your own. In fact, many videos can not be shared with just a simple copy and paste due to copyright protections and other rules. Even so, here are some of the best websites where you can find Creative Commons videos to be sure you’re sharing legally.

1. Vimeo

One of our favorite places to view videos, Vimeo, also offers Creative Commons-licensed videos.

Image Credit: Vimeo

When you search Vimeo for royalty-free videos, you will need to make sure you scroll down on the left side and select the appropriate Creative Commons license type depending on your plans for the video. Since Vimeo offers several different types of Creative Commons-licensed content, you will need to check the rules about the license types to make sure you can use them for your intended purpose.

If you aren’t sure which license type you need, that’s okay – Vimeo has an explainer about the different license types on its Creative Commons page.

2. Pixabay

Believe it or not, Pixabay doesn’t just have images – it has videos too! In fact, its library of over 2 million pieces of media includes a fair amount of videos.

Creative Commons Videos Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

When you search for content on Pixabay, you have the option to search the entire library or specify which type of media you’d like to see (i.e. videos). Within the video results, you can tell if they are HD or 4K and how long they are. You can also view the video before you download.

All videos downloaded from Pixabay can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, with some restrictions notated on the website.

3. Videvo

Videvo is another great source for free stock video footage. With over 500,000 stock footage clips, motion graphics, video templates, stock music tracks and sound effects, you can likely find what you need with a simple search.

Creative Commons Videos Videvo
Image Credit: Videovo

When you search for videos on Videvo, you have the option to filter results based on the resolution, license type, clip type, or duration. Additionally, you can look through videos sorted by category if you prefer.

While there are some premium videos that require you to subscribe to Videvo’s paid services, there are many free videos available. Regardless, all videos meet Creative Commons guidelines and are royalty free.

4. Videezy

If you’re looking for free HD stock footage and 4K videos, Videezy is a good place to look.

Creative Commons Videos Videezy
Image Credit: Videezy

Videezy is one of the largest video communities on the Web and has a wide variety of videos to fit nearly any needs you may have. You can search for videos in SD, HD (720 or 1080), Ultra HD, or 4K, and you have options to download videos as MP4 files or .MOV, depending on your needs.

Most videos from Videezy are licensed for both personal and commercial use, but you can always check the usage rights on individual videos before you download. Additionally, you can check on attribution requirements and even get the coding to add attributions to your website if you use videos from Videezy.

5. Coverr

Coverr offers beautiful, free stock video footage for users to download from anywhere anytime they need.

Creative Commons Videos Coverr
Image Credit: Coverr

From the homepage of Coverr, you can search using your predetermined keywords, browse through the curated collections, or look through the categories listed at the top of the page to find what you need. Just click on the video you want and download it to use.

When you search, just be careful, as Coverr will first show you video clips from Shutterstock, which you’d need to pay for. However, if you scroll down just a bit, you’ll find the free videos you’re looking for.

6. Vidsplay

Since 2010, Vidsplay has been expanding its online library of royalty-free stock video footage to offer an abundance of options for any user. With new videos added every week, it’s a great place to download the next clip you need.

Creative Commons Videos Vidsplay
Image Credit: Vidsplay

When you find a video you like, you can click on it to preview the clip, get the exact specs (duration, resolution, format, and more), and download the video for free. Once you download it, you can easily add it anywhere you’d like, whether it’s social media or your website.

Like many of the other sites, all Vidsplay clips are free to use for both personal or commercial purposes, as long as you include attribution. However, you can always check the “Terms of Use” if you’re unsure whether you can use a clip for a specific purpose.

7. Mixkit

Mixkit offers everything from stock video clips and audio files to video templates you can use for your next media project. Best of all, it’s all free and falls under the Creative Commons licensing!

Creative Commons Videos Mixkit
Image Credit: Mixkit

While many sites offer free-to-download videos, you don’t always have the rights to edit and repurpose them as your own. With Mixkit’s video templates, however, you can download the template, then customize it to meet your needs. In fact, the templates can be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion – Final Cut Pro & DaVinci Resolve, meaning you can edit using any video app you choose.

If you don’t want to make it your own, no problem! Mixkit also offers complete video clips you can simply download and use.

8. Mazwai

Mazwai offers “hand-picked stock video footage” you can use for nearly any purpose.

Creative Commons Videos Mazwai
Image Credit: Mazwai

Unlike some other sites where users can simply upload their own videos for others to use, Mazwai says experts “hand pick” the videos that appear on the site. This often means the site offers high-quality yet royalty-free videos that anyone can use.

The site provides videos with two types of licenses, so be sure to check whether the video you download requires attribution before you start to use it.

9. YouTube

Just like Vimeo, YouTube is another of our favorite sites for videos.

Creative Commons Videos Youtube
Image source: YouTube

As you know, YouTube has millions of videos available for users to watch and, sometimes, download. Unlike Vimeo and other sites on this list, however, there is no easy link for you to access the list of Creative Commons videos. Instead, you must filter your search results to only show Creative Commons videos with your search. Similarly, you can search and add “,creativecommons” to your search term (i.e. “cats,creativecommons”) to see Creative Commons videos.

Unfortunately, while the videos may be royalty-free, there’s no easy download button on YouTube either.

10. Archive

While Archive is mostly a storage site for archived media, it also features content with Creative Commons licenses, including videos.

Creative Commons Videos Archieve
Image source: Archive

This tool is great if you’d like something that may fall under what’s considered “old” videos. However, there is no special section for the content. You just have to search for it.

Once you click on the video of your choice, it will say in the identifying information towards the bottom whether it is Creative Commons-licensed. If it says nothing regarding this, consider it not licensed and move on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what type of Creative Commons-licensed videos will work for my project?

There are a total of six different Creative Commons license types, each with its own rules about fair use. Before downloading any videos, read about the different license types to see which ones may work for your individual plans.

2. Can I just use videos from YouTube without checking the copyright status if it’s for personal use?

No. Unfortunately, all videos posted on YouTube hold some sort of copyright status. You must always check that the video is either under a Creative Commons license or public domain before using without permission.

3. Can I edit Creative Commons videos and use them as my own?

While it’s always best to check the permissions first, most Creative Commons-licensed videos allow you to edit or remix them with your own content. Just follow any attribution rules listed with the video when you post the new, remixed version.

Image credit: Pexels

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