5 Ways To Make Good Use Of Google Forms

Google Documents is a very popular application for many web workers. You can create a document in the cloud and access it from anywhere as long as there is Internet access. Many applications like Google Docs for Android also allow you to access your Docs account from anywhere you are.

One of the options within Google Docs is Forms. The most common use for Forms is as a survey. There are articles galore on how set them up and incorporate them into a page or email; here is one to get you started.

If you are looking for more ways to make use of the Google Forms, here are some useful means to spark your creativity.

1. Contact Form

I recently replaced the contact form on my website with a Google Form. The reason for the switch was for a couple reasons.

  • To eliminate emails.
  • To ask specific questions to better help the person requesting correspondence.
  • WordPress wasn’t always sending me the emails from the contact forms I tried, even with some troubleshooting and code work.

2. Checkbook registry

Most of the families I know don’t write checks, but carry debit cards. These same people do not save receipts or use any real method to track their spending. Using a form as your checkbook registry would be a great way for a business or household to keep track of money. If you have a smart phone, all you would need to do is save the link to your form in your bookmark.

How to make a registry form

Add in the fields you’d like such as deposit, expense and item purchased.


Using the formulas in the spreadsheet produced by the Form, you can have it automatically update your balance.


3. Wedding RSVP

Weddings are stressful enough. Why make more work for yourself or spend more money than you need to? Create an RSVP Form and email people the link. You could also send it via Facebook or Google+ or shorten the link and DM people on Twitter.


4. Employment application

Sifting through potential employees is a pain. You need to filter through people who have filled out all of the information and filled it out correctly. Then you need to compare and keep whittling down the potential candidates. If you are doing this the old school way with paper applications, you are wasting a lot of time.

By creating a Form with all of the instructions, input boxes and text fields you need, you can easily sort through all of the applicants in the generated spreadsheet. You can sort the whole lot of them by a certain column.

5. Easy expense reporting form

For those of you that travel, either for your own business or your employer, you know how much filling out your expense report sucks. Try making a Form with all of the fields you need. That way you can stay on top of your expenses much easier while on the road.

The entries are all time and date stamped so you can match up the receipt with the expense more easily.


Add fields to correspond with the fields your employer needs. Then, depending on how you need to turn in your expense report, you can simply copy and paste the information from the Google generated spreadsheet.

Those are a few uses for Google Forms other than a survey. Don’t forget to look at the different pre-made themes or even create your own.

What unique way do you use Google Forms?

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