5 Useful Tools to Summarize Articles Online

When I was in my final year at university, each lecture was accompanied by lengthy journal articles. Each article was at least 40-50 pages long and not every page contains important information. Even if you decide to skim the article, it might take some time to finish. The case is not just with students but it’s same with many other people. To help them, we have gathered a list of five useful websites that help users summarize articles online.

Great Summary is a useful website which allows you to summarize articles right from your browsers. There are two options to choose from: Document Summarization or GreatSummary Subscriptions.


The latter creates a news feed for a webpage to track any changes made in it. For e.g: making one for some Wikipedia page to know if some new information was added or altered.

The first option allows you to put any web-page link in the URL box, and choose in how many lines you need the summary. Click “Summarize” and you will get a brief paragraph on the article, with only the main points.


A simple website that allow users to either summarize from a passage of text, from an uploaded file or from a web-page link.


You can also choose the number of sentence for the summary. The less the sentences, the smaller the summary.


Free Summarizer allows you to copy a passage of text and paste it in the text box. You can then choose the number of sentences in which the summary should be made, and input your email to which the summary will be emailed.


A great tool if you want to send a summary to your teacher or fellow student in a quick moment.

Note: The email is not compulsory. If you do not enter an email ID, the summary will still be shown to you in your browser

Free Summarizer

TopicMarks is one of the most advanced summarizing tools found on the Internet. It makes use of a complex algorithm to summarize text documents and display only the most important points.


To make the most effective use of TopicMarks, upload all files that are linked together in order to get the best summary. TopicMarks also allows you to upload or use files from Evernote and Google Docs and Google Reader.

However, to make use of the service, you first need to make an account on the website. Once you have an account, you can summarize and save summaries on their cloud-managed servers.


Wiki Summarizer is a website specially made for summarizing articles found on Wikipedia. You can search Wikipedia right from the website and choose the article you wish to summarize.


Or, you can enter the keywords or link to the article you want to summarize and get the most vital points extracted from the article and displayed to you.

The user-friendly design really makes it easy for anyone to use the service.

Wiki Summarizer

There you have it, these are five good websites that you should make use of if you are in a hurry or too busy or read an article, yet want the most important points extracted from it.

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