5 Useful Extensions That Still Work in Songbird 0.7


Whenever Firefox releases a new update/version, some of the extensions are bound to break. Similarly, in Songbird, when I upgraded to the latest 0.7 version, some of my favorite extensions are no longer working. While we are waiting for the developers to fix them up, here are some of the useful extensions that still work in Songbird 0.7

If you have not try out Songbird, here is a quick and easy way to install Songbird on your Ubuntu machine.

1) iPod device support

Not everyone will find this useful, but if you are an iPod owner, this is the extension that you don’t want to miss. Plug in your iPod and have Songbird play all the songs in your iPod.

2) Media Flow

Ever since Apple released Cover flow technology in the Mac Leopard, this new style of flipping the cover to find the file you want has become very popular in many applications. In Songbird, the Media Flow add-on replicate the cover flipping technology and allows you to browse your music collection by their album art.

3) Lyrics master

Songbird Lyrics master

Whenever a track is played, the Lyric Master will grab the lyrics from the track meta-data and display it on the sidebar. In the event that the track does not have any lyrics, Lyrcs Master will use the track meta-data to search and retrieve the lyrics from the Web and display it on the sidebar. Whenever a new lyrics is found, you can choose to save it to the database so that next time when the same track is being played, the lyrics will show automatically.

4) MashTape

What mashTape does is to gather information from different sources and mash it up for your viewing. Residing on the bottom pane, mashTape uses Last.fm to retrieves the artist bio, upcoming concert, similar artists and tags applied to the current song, Lyrics Wiki to retrieve the lyrics, Flickr to retrieve the photo of the artist and YouTube to retrieve all videos of the artist. A very good way to get maximum information about the track and artist with minimal effort.

5) Last.fm

This addon publishes your playback history to last.fm so that it can track your playing habit and recommend songs that are of your liking.

What’s your favorite Songbird extensions?