5 Simple Drawing Applications for Mac

Being the chosen platform for creative high-level graphic artist and such, or so everybody say, Mac has many options of heavy-duty graphic softwares. But not everybody needs Photoshop-level applications. Sometimes you’ll only need to do simple and quick drawing.

Believe it or not, one of the Windows softwares that I missed most when I first moved to Mac, aside from Minesweeper and Freecell, is MS Paint. So, for the nostalgia sake, I compile a small list of simple drawing application for Mac.


I think it’s best to start the list with this app because Paintbrush claimed to be “the clone” of MS Paint. This one is a very simple drawing application with minimal tools. That’s why it’s fun and perfect for quick doodling.

MacPaint X is a basic drawing tool for Mac which is based off the original MacPaint that was created by Apple. It comes with many other small applets such as a auto saver and updater which makes it one of the good alternative drawing application for OS X. The simplicity of MacPaint X makes it fit for everybody, from children learning how to draw on their first computer to adults doing a quick sketch.


If you are (or have) children ages 3 to 12, then you have to try this award-winning multi-platform drawing application. The app combine easy-to-use interface and fun sound effects to encourage children to draw. There’s also the cartoon mascot which will guide kids on using the program. But even if you’re not young anymore, this program could be a fun time waster. We all have the little child inside of us, don’t we?


It is a free vector drawing software application for Mac OS X. This one is an alternative to the free but bulky: The GIMP or Inkscape. With DrawBerry, you have all the possibilities the vectorial drawing offers you in a free, easy to use and powerful application. At the time of writing, the developer’s web showed near-blank page, so I get the app from one of the Mac download sites.


This one is a bit more advanced, but not too complex. Maybe somewhere above Paintbrush and (way) below Photoshop. It’s written in Java so it would work on every OS. But as most Java apps out there, HeliosPaint is a bit sluggish.


Of course there are other drawing apps available for Mac and there’s no way I could list them all here. Which one(s) do you use? Share your thoughts below.