5 Online Reminder Services To Remind Of Different Events And Tasks

Even though the technology has made the life of man easier, one thing that has been complex is remembering every bit of information, whether it is general like remembering a birthday, an event or task or business oriented like a business meeting, sending an invoice, following up an email etc. There are many services that make this task of remembering thing a bit easier. For those who use the computer and Internet daily have the choice of calendars, to do lists and reminder services to make the process of remembering different events and tasks easier. This is very helpful in organizing your life whether it be personal, professional or business. I have been working with organizing my work by using different software and services both online and offline. Here I will share some of the best online reminder services that I have found out while trying out many of them.

1. Google and Yahoo Calendars

Google Calendar

This is probably the best choice and my default to use Google Calendar for my business reminders and Yahoo Calendar for my personal reminders. This includes different events, birthdays, tasks, invoices etc. I use Google Calendar especially for tasks that need to be performed again and again after fixed intervals of time. You can set the reminder to be emailed automatically at the event time or before the event.

2. Nyabag


Nyabag is just more than a reminder service. It can be termed as a personal diary of your life. Nyabag sends email reminders about the tasks that need to be performed after specified time intervals. I use Nyabag especially for the tasks that I need to perform again and again and keep a list of those tasks. These lists cannot be created with Google or Yahoo Calendars. This is unique feature of Nyabag. With Nyabag you can also see the daily events through the passage of time.

3. HassleMe


HassleMe is rather a unique service in the sense that it is not a fixed reminder service. It will send you reminder emails at semi-predictable intervals of time about the things that you need to do regularly. For example, if I want to check my accounting books after approximately 3 days, I will setup a reminder in HassleMe and this service will automatically mail me reminder about checking the accounting books every few days but not exactly 3 days. It will keep on nagging in my email about the task I have to perform. Very good service especially for tasks that don’t need exact time frames.

4. Remindr

Update: The remindr service seems to be no longer available.


Remindr is another simple online service that is only focused on one thing – reminding. I like the simplicity of Remindr. You only have to fill out a few fields and you will be reminded about the task in a number of ways including email, Twitter, Google Talk messenger and SMS. Currently, at the time of this writing, the SMS service is disabled. If you are not comfortable with the email reminders, you can use this service to be reminded through Twitter or Google Talk messenger.

5. Timerrr


Timerrr is not a reminder service like all others that I have mentioned. It is rather an online timer. But I use it for my reminders. While organizing myself, I need to complete my tasks in a timely manner so I don’t want to give more time to one task while ignoring others. So I make a daily schedule and the before starting each task, set the timer with Timerrr service. It will automatically remind me when the time for the task is over so that I may be able to start the next time on time.

All these services are not competitors but rather they can be used for different tasks depending on the nature of reminder we want to set. So select your reminder service wisely and then tell use what you have chosen and why in the comments below.

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Usman Khurshid

Usman is a technology enthusiast and loves tweaking Microsoft products. In addition to MakeTechEasier, he contributes regularly to iTechtics.com.

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