6 Online Code Editors to Help You Code on the Go

Code editors typically involve installing software on your computer, phone, or tablet. That's not an issue unless you suddenly have a great idea and don't have your software with you. With online code editors, you're free to code anywhere and on any device as long as you have Internet access, of course. Many are even completely free and offer online collaboration.

1. Code Share

Code Share is one of the best online code editors hands down. It supports numerous languages. Simply choose the one you want to use for the correct syntax highlighting.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Code Share

It's a highly collaborative platform, too. Share a link with co-workers, friends, or anyone else to code together in real time. You can even video chat while working on a project. Projects expire in 24 hours unless you have an account, though you can download the code at any time.

It's made for quick coding on the go, troubleshooting code together, teaching others, and trying out new ideas. You can create an account to save your work or work without an account. Either way, the platform is free to use.

2. CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is made for team projects, but it's ideal for individuals, too. The platform supports web development languages, such as React, Angular, Vue, and Vanilla. You can quickly get started by choosing a template. Invite others to join in for collaborative projects or develop something yourself.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Code Sandbox

The platform itself is easy to use. Quickly access your projects at any time by creating a free account. It has the more robust look and feel of desktop code editors, though.

Unlike Code Share, CodeSandbox isn't completely free. For individuals, it's free to use as long as you're only creating public sandboxes. Sandboxes are individual project workspaces. If you want private sandboxes, extra storage space, GitHub repos, and more, it's just $7/month. There are also business plans starting at $24/month to support team projects.

3. PlayCode

PlayCode is perfect for front-end web development. Easily work with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML wherever you are. Customize the editor panels for your ideal workflow.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Playcode

Templates help you jumpstart projects. You can even switch languages with a quick drop-down menu.

Syntax and error highlighting make it easy to keep track of projects. Save your code at any time with a free account. Free accounts are limited to 1000 characters per project, though you can have unlimited projects. For $2.50/month, you can upgrade to the premium plan to remove this restriction, gain extra storage space, and more.

4. StackBlitz

If you love Microsoft's VS Code Editor, StackBlitz may easily become one of your favorite online code editors. It has a similar look and feel, along with being a powerful editor.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Stackblitz

It features nine workspaces to develop fullstack apps online. Angular, React (both JavaScript and TypeScript), Vue, and more are all supported. You'll even be able to create better UIs via StackBlitz's partnership with Progress KendoReact.

Real-time editing and even offline support make it easy to code on the go. You can even deploy, host, and share your apps for free. While creating public projects is free, you'll have to pay $9/month for private projects and additional features.

5. CodePen

CodePen is one of the more popular free online code editors. It's made for front-end web development. Like several other options on this list, it's a collaborative platform, though you can definitely work on solo projects, too.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Codepen

Use it to create and show off projects to gain valuable feedback from other users. Present hosted projects directly from CodePen. You can even use it to break down code as a teaching tool.

You can also take advantage of challenges to help expand your skillset. This is a great way to learn, collaborate with others, and have fun with coding.

While you don't need an account to get started, you'll need a free one to save your work. The free plan allows you to create projects and host them. However, if you want to upload files, such as images, and create private projects, you'll need to upgrade to CodePen Pro for $8/month.

6. PseudoEditor

If you work with pseudocode, you'll find most online code editors don't have native support for it. PseudoEditor is made specifically for pseudocode. Syntax highlighting, autocomplete features, and code saving make it ideal for fleshing out projects.

Online Code Editors To Help You Code On The Go Code Pseudo

If you love the online version, there's also a downloadable version for Windows and Mac. Both work the same way. Even better, both are completely free to use.

While it may seem like a simple editor, it gets the job done without any extras, which is nice for quick coding on the go.

If you've found your perfect on-the-go editor, make sure you have a favorite when working on your home device. There are a variety of editors available for Mac, Android, and Linux. And of course, there's always Visual Studio from Microsoft.

Crystal Crowder

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