1. I have a few Dropbox referrals left on my account if anyone would like one and you'll get an extra 250 megs this way. Use the link below when you sign up.


    Have a good one!


  2. Thanks for the tip TK! If I didn't have an account already I'd definitely click through, but maybe one of our readers will!

  3. Excellent and informative article! I am a more than satisfied Dropbox user, but frankly my use of it has been limited to moving and sharing music and photos. I never would have thought of most of those uses, especially the security camera thing! Could one apply that principle to a stolen laptop's webcam, remotely? Just a thought…

  4. Hey DSChef! I like the security camera too…And with the right software, that's actually an awesome idea. You would just need something that could run in the background and take a picture at a certain time interval whenever the computer is running, then have it store that file in your Dropbox folder. Good thinking, I'll look into it, because I honestly like that idea for my own laptop. Wish my iPad had a webcam so I could do the same thing with it!

  5. dropbox gr8 application in cloud storgae- i like it becoause of its simplicity and flexibility

  6. Great idea for the camera! Colin, did you manage to get it working – what software did you use?

    1. Hey Mike,

      Check out a super detailed use-case here:


      I haven’t gone through the steps on mine, mostly because I generally keep my laptop with me at all times, and my home desktop has no webcam! Let me know how it goes though if you do follow through!

  7. Dropbox is good but i have started using a free Sugarsync account for backing up game saves because you can choose which folders to back up. You can then have them restored on another computer in the same directory location as the original. Which makes it really easy to get backups when gaming on a laptop and then a computer or vice verse. Sort of like Steam cloud but for anything!

    1. I actually used to use Sugarsync but found Dropbox a little simpler. For backups, Sugarsync may be the way to go though.

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