5 Joyous Apps For Wedding Inspiration [Windows Phone 7]

Wedding planning can be fun and exciting if you have a direction and understanding of what you want to achieve. When you need some inspiration, you probably turn to magazines, books and TV shows. However, let’s face it, we are always on the go! The Windows 7 Phone has some great apps for anyone who is planning a wedding. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a wedding coordinator, you will find some great inspiration in these apps!

1. Brides

This app is not your average planning app. It’s set up in a blog style with each section covering an every area of concern for a bride-to-be. With new content being added continually, you are sure to be inspired.


In the Healthy Bride section, you will find recipes and cleansing diets that will help you look and feel great on your wedding day. The Martha Stewart Guide is “A Good Thing” for great suggestions of unique and perfect wedding touches. In Broke Bride, you will find all things related to having a wedding on a budget. Find great ideas for inexpensive attire and DIY projects that will give you more bang for your buck. The Etiquette section gives you answers to all of those questions you want to know, but are afraid to ask! The Wed Plan News tab gives you news and articles with advice on everything from song suggestions to picking the right vendors for your big day. This app will keep you up to date on hot new wedding ideas! Best of all, it’s free!

2. Wedding Dance Songs

Everyone has been to that boring wedding that has bad music selections or exactly the same music as the last wedding you went to. This free app is perfect for helping you choose songs that have meaning for those special dances like your first dance and the father-daughter dance. Keep the party going with a fresh selection of songs to dance the night away.


3. Wedding Chatter

This free app is an eclectic mix of  inspiration. If you are a bride in search of something unique, this is the place to look! The Offbeat and Unique tab has an ever changing column showcasing various wedding ideas that are sure to appeal to the unique bride. In the Budget and DIY tab, you will find ways to be creative with your wedding budget and fabulous DIY designs for wedding decor.  This is also the first app I have seen that showcases an Eco-friendly idea section. It has some great Eco-friendly wedding planning ideas and ways to recycle things from your wedding (like your bouquet) in some really pretty ways.  There are additional tabs for Invitations, Music, Cakes, Flowers and Bridal Beauty making this the app to have for all things wedding related.


4. Wedding Budget Pro

This app will help you Keep track of multiple budgets. Customize them to fit your needs by giving each category an estimated budget. It will be displayed along with the actual total and remaining budget to help you see how much you have left to spend. $2.99


5. Pinspiration

This brand new app for 2012 is my favorite since I’m a huge Pinterest fan! Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share all the things you find on the web. Browse everything from photography, hair and makeup to wedding inspiration. With the Pinspiration app, you can browse various categories in Pinterest without having an account. If you have a Pinterest account already, you can upload pictures of things you love direct to your boards to share with others. Whether you are just browsing or have an account, this free app is invaluable.


Jessica Prouty

Jessica is a Support Technician for Cytanium Hosting who loves to teach people how to use modern technology to be more productive and organized. Simple tips, tricks and tools can make anyone computer savvy! You can follow her on Twitter @learningrl or visit her blog at www.learningrl.net.

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