5 iPhone Apps to Search for Jobs On The Go

If you are moving out to a new location, or are just traveling to a new place and want to see if there are any good available job postings in the area, these five apps will help you search for jobs on the go.

Check out these below five displayed job search applications for the iOS that will allow you to search for jobs while you stay on the move, or move to a new place or even if you are just visiting.

1. Jobs

The Jobs app was one of the first released “Job searching” applications for the iOS and thus remains quite popular even toady. In addition, because it is linked to CareerBuilder.com and has nearly 2 million job searches.


Another great feature found in the app is the GPS functionality, which uses your GPS to find jobs near you, so if you ever move to a new city or location you can always try the GPS and see if there are any suitable jobs near you.

You can even create an account on Careerbuilder and send your resume right from your phone, and even save the job listing for later viewing.


2. Job Compass

Job Compass is one of the easiest apps to use if you are going for a job search on the go. Just open up the application and check out millions of jobs found in near 5 to a 100 mile radius of your location.


If you happen to find a job you like, you can call up the hiring manager right from the phone, save the job listing for later purposes and send it to your or a friends email address or even send a resume right from your phone.

Job Compass

3. Job Finder

Job Finder makes it easier for a person to search for a job on the-go easily and quickly. Job Finder aggregates jobs from multiple job websites, such as SimplyHired.com, StarTribune.com’s Jobs, Hireability.com, and more.  This gives you the option to search for various jobs from one application and save time, rather than visit each website individually.


Once you chose the type of job you are looking for, i.e. accounting, advertising, insurance, transport, logistics, etc Job Finder will display a list of available job listings to you. You can then read more about it and save the listing for later viewing.

Job Finder

4. Now Hiring

If you are looking for a new job and just want to sort out those tons of ads easily and quickly, check out Now Hiring.


With Now Hiring, you can view job listings, save them for later purposes, and even apply filters to your search to get only the best listings – filters may include search by miles, postcode, date, internship or temporary, etc.

Currently, Now Hiring searches for jobs available in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Spain and even India. The app ensures that only latest job listings are shown, so you know you are applying for new ones and not ones that may have expired.

Now Hiring

5. LinkedIn

Many people already know about LinkedIn and already have an operational and regular updated account on the website. The iPhone application allows users to post an update, search for clients, browse for LinkedIn connections and search for jobs.


The address book can be integrated and you have the ability to search job searches, so that you may view them later on. You can even save your whole search history.


There you have it folks. These are some great 5 applications that you must have in your iPhone if you are on-the-go and are searching for jobs at the same time.

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