5 iPhone Apps To Help You Manage and Track Your Expenses

If you want to manage your expenses and want to know where you spend your money and how much you spend over the span of a month or a year – check out these below five following applications for iPhone that will help you manage your expenses right from the comforts of your phone.

1. iXpense Lite

iXpense Lite is one of the best available apps for the iPhone if you are looking forward to saving some money and keeping a record of your receipts and expenses on-the-go.


iXpense Lite allows users to store up to 100 expense records, which can easily be created in a touch on-the-go.

You can also notify iXpense Lite to remind you of your upcoming bills so you pay them on the date and never have to worry about giving the penalty for late payment. The user can also store receipts by either manually entering the data, or by capturing a photo of the receipt.

One of the best features of the app is the expense summary that can be created to show your monthly average expense, average expense per day and top expense of the month.

Multi-currency support makes it easier for users to keep records in their local currency. All of this personal data can be password protected for privacy.

iXpense Lite

2. Spending

Spending uses an easy-to use, user-friendly interface for data logging all your expense records that can be made easily in a few taps.

Expense Tracker

Just use the “Add Income” and “Add Expense” button to add your income earned or expense to your daily report. At the end of the month, you can get a summary of your past expenses and income earned to know just how much you spend and how much you earned and how much you were left with.

Spending also has an auto-generating recurring expense and income entries (such as electricity bills, rent, etc). The app also supports multiple currencies.


3. Expensify

Expensify is rated as one of the best apps available if you are looking for a FREE expense management app for the iPhone.


Expensify makes the whole process of expense management a piece of cake by allowing the users to sync the app with their credit cards and bank accounts, after which the app will automatically track purchases as they happen – and automatically track expenses.

For any other purchase, you can use the in-built function in Expensify to take a snapshot of the receipt after which the app will automatically act as a receipt scanner.

A manual system is also present inside the app to add any other expenses for which are not tracked or do not come with a receipt of sale/purchase.

The expense report can be emailed to the user if he/she wants by providing an e-mail address.


4. Pocket Expense Lite

Pocket Expense Lite is a great free and easy to use finance and expense tracking app available for the iPhone. You can easily enter your accounts inside the Pocket Expense Lite and keep a track on the accounts, and even get a statistic report for daily/weekly/monthly or yearly expense report.

Pocket Expense

Let Pocket Expense Lite know when you have to pay your bills and the app will automatically remind you. It also comes with an auto-generating ability for recurring bills and payments.

The password protection feature allows users to password protect their data and even allows them to backup their data and restore the data over WiFi.

Pocket Expense Lite

5. Fresh Xpense Capture

Fresh Xpense Capture is an app that allows users to quickly capture expenses and photos of receipts and send them to your account on Xpenser.com

Xpense Capture

All of this can be done offline and does not even require an active Internet connection, as you can easily capture expenses, receipts and mileage anytime using your iPhone.

You can use the online Xpenser.com website to manage your expense PDF report.

Fresh Xpense Capture

These five apps available for the iPhone will help you massively as you keep a track of your expense and try and save more money. In addition, as the apps are on the iPhone you can enter the data on the go and never worry about loosing your receipts.

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