5 iOS App To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

Health is one of the most important things to take care of in life. Having an iPhone can make that process a lot easier as it has some really helpful and useful apps to ensure that you keep yourself healthy in all cases. Whether eating, or going out – these apps will help ensure you stay healthy.

Note: This does not mean that you do not need visit the doctor – if you feel sick, please visit the doctor.

1. iTriage

The iTriage app is a great application for people who want to check the symptoms for specific problems, diseases, etc. The app can be said to be a “combination” of many important health apps in one. The app not only allows users to find the problem by searching through the symptoms involved but also allows users to find medication, procedures and store medical data in the app – including stuff like “Health Record”, “My Insurance”, “My Appointments” and much more.


You can even make quick and easy appointments into nearby local clinics and hospitals through the app in case of an emergency or so.


2. WebMD Mobile

WebMD Mobile can be said to be a “doctor at home” and is one of the most professional apps out there, by the finest doctors.


WebMD Mobile provides the user mobile access to 24/7 information regarding health such as – WebMD Sympton Checker, Drugs & Treatment, First-Aid Information and Local Health Listing.

The Drug & Treatment list is an extensive list of drugs, with information regarding what they are most commonly used for along with their side effects, warnings and more.

While you may check what thing, you are going through by using the Symptom Checker, do not rely on just the WebMD Mobile – visit the doctor if things are serious.

WebMD Mobile

3. Workout Trainer

The Workout Trainer is one of the best available apps on the App Store that can be your personal trainer when in need to keep you in a healthy state.


You do not need to waste time or money to go to the gym everyday, while rather just spend some time with your personal trainer on Workout Trainer that provides over 1,000 free workouts to try out.

Using the app is easy. Simply put the headphones on and follow the audio instructions to perform the accurate workout. You can even play your favorite music while you work out right from within the application.

Workout Trainer

4. Strava Cycling

If you are ready to burn some calories the easy and quick way – grab your bicycle, fire up the Strava Cycling app and venture out into the open.


The Strava Cycling app keeps a detailed record of the distance travelled, the pace at which you are going and also the calories being burned.

Not only that, but the app provides a free map of all your rides so you also know which path burns the most calories and which one made you burn the least and so.

You can then share your stats with other people around the world and be competitive about it. Not only do you compete, but also stay fit in the process.

Strava Cycling

5. DailyBurn

This is probably the best apps available on the iTunes App Store available to help you maintain a perfect balanced diet and keep a track of what you eat and how much you eat.


One of the best things about the app is the Food database provided in it, which contains a list of over 350,000 foods with actual pictures, full nutrition and food analysis information.

Track your die in terms of fiber, sodium, carbs, proteins and more. The user also has the option to follow certified trainers around the world in order to get professional advice and training tips.


These are some of the best five apps available on the iTunes App Store which every health conscious iPhone user should have – as said before time and time again, if you feel anything is wrong do not rely on any app but rather pay the doctor a visit.

What other apps do you use to keep fit and stay healthy?

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