5 Great Sources Of Retina-Quality Wallpapers

Apple first released the iPad and MacBook Pro with retina displays, then Google released the Nexus 10 and Chromebook Pixel with screens packing even higher pixel densities. More people have devices with gorgeous displays, but where can they find wallpapers that do those screens justice? Below are five great sources of wallpapers that are 2560 pixels wide and higher and could complement your retina desktop.

1. InterfaceLIFT


InterfaceLIFT offers a massive selection of wallpapers uploaded by artists and photographers. There are hundreds of pages available, each with ten wallpapers to choose from. The majority of the pictures on this website are photographs, but some are original abstract creations put together in Photoshop and various other artistic tools. The website can auto-detect your screen resolution, but you also have the option of downloading each wallpaper in a large number of sizes ranging from outdated cell phone screens to the latest MacBook Retina Pro. This is a great site to visit for original wallpapers not acquired from other websites.

2. Vladstudio


Vladstudio is a project by the Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov, who provides a diverse and quirky set of original wallpapers. All are free at lower resolutions, but only premium users can download the higher resolution versions of each wallpaper. Premium users only need to pay a one-time fee of $14.99 to get access to every wallpaper as well as a range of other perks, such as wallpaper clocks and customize-able Facebook banners.

3. Solefield


The Solefield author uses her website to showcase her photography, but occasionally she releases wallpaper packs that come as downloadable .zip folders. Wallpapers generally come in a handful of sizes, with recent packs offering selections as high as 2880 by 1800. The website’s layout is very graphical, so it may not be the fastest option depending on your computer’s specs and Internet connection speed.

4. The Paper Wall


The Paper Wall provides wallpapers from a plethora of sources in a clean and straightforward interface. The site uses a dark theme that makes observing each image easy on the eyes. Browsing the 2880 by 1800 page presents massive wallpapers in a simple grid layout. The Paper Wall offers hundreds of wallpapers and presents the option to browse up to 200 at a time.

5. WallpapersWide.com


WallpapersWide.com provides a diverse pool of wallpapers to choose from. Not all are available in 2880 by 1800, but the website’s sidebar provides extensive options for filtering by both aspect ratio and screen resolution. The website offers thousands of wallpapers across dozens of categories. There are nearly 4,000 pages of wallpapers to choose from, and of the five options, WallpapersWide.com provides the best support for dual monitors.


I use a Chromebook Pixel, which has a resolution of 2560 by 1700 and an aspect ratio of 3:2. None of these websites meet my particular needs exactly, but the MacBook Pro Retina wallpapers work just fine and are a sight to behold. As high pixel density devices continue to pop up throughout the market, we can expect an even larger selection of very high resolution wallpapers to appear in the months ahead. If you have other sources of retina-quality wallpapers to recommend, let us hear about them in the comments below.

Bertel King, Jr.

Bertel is a tech blogger and independent novelist who puts perhaps a tad too much trust in Google. He’s loved Android since the moment he got his eager hands on his first device -- if not sooner -- and has understood the Chromebook Pixel from day one.You can follow his work at bertelking.com.

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