5 Free Tools To Create Collages From Your Pictures

Photo collage is a nice way to share lots of photo in one place. The arrangements and orientations of the images as well as the choice of images define how good a collage is. All of that depends solely on the creative thinking of the individual who is creating it. Nobody else has to do anything with it. The bigger fact is, not all of us are pro in stuffs like these. Hence its always a painstaking task for us to generate innovative yet beautiful ideas while creating nice looking collages for may be a good bedroom wallpaper or simply a desktop background. This post will help you know about some free tools and online services that can be used to create nice looking collages without having much of image editing skills.

1. Picture2Life

Nice tool to create awesome collages. With an inventory of almost 300 pre-defined collage templates, it actually makes the job practically effortless. All you have to do is select the images and select a template to order the images in a collage. The best part is that the service also offers a Picture2life Mozilla Firefox Addon. Here are some of the collages I created using Picture2life.

Score : 4.5/5


2. PhotoVisi

Photovisi is a tool to create collages online. Presently you have 18 collage templates to choose from. You can select custom background and also rearrange images in the collage. You can read our detailed review on Photovisi. Below is a demo collage that I created from the online service. You can also try Photovisi on Facebook by using Photovisi Facebook app.

Score : 3.5/5


3. Shape Collage

This is a shape based collage tool that accumulates a collection of images(or image URLs) into different shapes. You have to use image URls in the online free version of the tool. Shape collage desktop tools are also available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Java platforms. The offline version is free and can create collages directly from images i.e you won’t need to use image URLs for this. Shape Collage has also got its own Facebook app. The screenshot below is a shape collage created using Shape Collage.

Score : 3.5/5


4. Picasa

Picasa is a much known Google product that can organize images with a Picasa Web Albums server sync feature and also offers a free server space of 1Gb. But this is not the reason it’s enlisted here. Picasa also lets you create nice looking collages using the desktop tool. The tool is one my most favorite while creating collages (after Picture2life) and thats because of the awesome templates and controls that it offers and you do not have to be online to get all these. Check out a nice tutorial by Google on how to create collages using Picasa. Check out two nice collages created using Picasa.

Score : 4/5


5. Fotonea

The collage creation is not simple here, but its a great tool as you can customize the arrangement of images in the final collage. To get started, just select and upload images(only six allowed), choose a background and size for the collage. You can then rearrange the images as you prefer. You get to customize the size, alignment of all the images. But as I had told at start, not everyone has got skills to innovate, this becomes the last option to opt while creating a collage and hence this is last but not the least option.

Score : 3/5


Its obvious, that not every list contains all that is available and I know there are still many other tools out there, but those are the tools that I preferred over the others as they did the job pretty easily and simply. If there are any other tool that helped you creating collages please share them via comments.

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