5 Extensions That I Wish It Is Working In Firefox 3

One of the feature that makes Firefox a great favorite among users is its huge library of extensions that improved both its functionality and user’s experience. While there are a good number of extensions that are ready for Firefox 3, there are also some of the great add-ons that are not compatible and are sorely missed by many. Here is 5 of them that I missed most:

I do my work from several work stations and I have found it a hassle to import/export my bookmarks to all my stations everytime I saved a new site. Foxmarks has been my saviour all the while and life has definitely not been good without Foxmark in Firefox 3.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Firebug is a very useful tool for debugging and source code editing. I used it intensively for all my projects. While I can install the extension via the repository on my Ubuntu machine, I can’t get it to install on my Windows and Mac.


FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. At this moment, it is only supported up to Firefox 3 beta 2.


I have grown to love Google Toolbar as it allows me to customize and find search result fast and easily. It has stopped in development since Firefox 3 alpha release.

Google Toolbar

A great tab management extension that only support up to Firefox 3 alpha 5.

Tab Mix Plus

What’s the extensions that you miss most in Firefox 3?


  1. Foxmarks and Firebug are already working. Foxmarks update was released yesterday and Firebug has a beta available at their website (not the Mozilla update site yet).

  2. Hey install the ‘nightly tester tools’ Firefox extension and you can use all the extensions in Firefox 2:)

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