5 Excellent Ways Make Free Video Calls On Android

When you know people all over the world, it is nice to hear their voice and see them from time to time. The problem is international calling rates are pretty pricey; so is a plane ticket. To solve this, we are going to talk about Android apps to make calls and video chat anywhere in the world for free.

Wi-Fi is usually ideal for audio and video chats. Your cellular network speed can vary a lot depending on where you are, time of day and how many people are trying to use the tower. You may also see choppy audio and video if you have a phone with a slower processor or a lot of applications running at the same time as the chat.


Skype is probably the most common application to chat with someone on your Android or computer. You have 3 free choices with Skype chats: text chat, audio chat and video chat. To use the video chat option, you will need to have a front facing camera. The other 2 options will work on pretty much any Android device.

Many business and web workers have adopted Skype for its cost effective calling to any phone number as well as the awesome video chatting.


Google Talk

Google Talk is Google’s own instant message service. If you are on your computer, you can chat with people through text or audio/video conversations. On your PC you will need the stand alone Google Talk application with an extension.

When you are on your Android device, again you will need a front facing camera to use the video chat. Many of the newer phones and tablets are coming with some sort of front camera now. There is not an option to chat with audio only, it is either video with audio or text.


Google+ Hangout

Google+ lets you connect to a small group of people and all chat with each other. Google calls this a Hangout. From your Android, you need to start a normal text conversation. You can then click the video camera icon to change to a video chat.

A Google Hangout is similar to the chatting with someone on Google Talk, however you can converse with more than one person at a time. You can also stream conversations so others can see or join.



Tango is an Android application we previously mentioned here on MTE. Tango lets you make free audio and video calls anyone else using Tango on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and PCs. There are little add-ons for Tango video chats. These add-ons are like emoticons for video chat. It’s something a little different to add to your video chat.



ooVoo is an application similar to Tango in the way you can audio and video chat for free with other ooVoo users. You can group up to 6 people in a conversation making ooVoo great for small collaboration meetings. You have the option of text chats too.



As you can see there are several video chat applications for Android that will also work on other platforms. Having the flexibility to talk on your PC to someone while they are mobile is great. Not to mention, you won’t need to talk your friends or people at your company into changing from iPhones to Android just so you can video chat.

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