5 Lesser Known, But Extremely Useful Chrome Extensions To Make Gmail Super User-friendly

Google Chrome is an amazing browser. When coupled with other Google applications, like Gmail, you have a great winning combination. With a few Chrome extensions, you can really harness the power of the duo.

There are other articles out there that talk about Gmail extensions for Chrome. In the list below, I am going to list some lesser known but very useful Gmail extension.

1. Snooze Your Email for Gmail

When you are busy, you may not want to attend to an email on the spot. However, there are times when an email is urgent and need you to look into it soon. One way you can handle this is to snooze the email until later. You have predetermined times and days or you can set something more specific. When that time arrives, you get a little pop-up on your screen to remind you.


2. Temporary Email Alias

There are a lot of uses for a disposable email address so I won’t go into detail on why this is a useful extension. In the settings, you can select how long you want it to be active.

The way Temporary Email Alias works is, right-click on the email address field and select generate an email address. All of the messages will be forwarded to your Gmail account. Tell me that’s not super easy.


3. Send to Evernote

For the avid Evernote user, being able to easily send an email to Evernote with a single click is the best feature of this extension. There are a few other ways to send a webpage to Evernote, but this is the quickest. You will need to have your Evernote email address. If you use Instapaper or just want the page sent to your Gmail account, you have options for that as well.

Once you have the destination set, you can turn on the 1-click option. If this is on, you just need to click the icon to the right of the address bar to send. There are also keyboard shortcuts if you prefer to use them.


4. ezAutoCorrect for GMail

People suck at emailing. When most people type up an email, they spell things wrong and don’t add punctuation. ezAutocorrect will bring some of the features word processing programs like OpenOffice use.

The most important feature ezAutocorrect brings to the table is the replacement of incorrect words, not just underlining them in red. You can also set ezAutocorrect to insert a period “.” and capitalize the next letter automatically when you press the space bar twice.


5. OmniMail for GMail

OmniMail is a great idea. in short, it allows you to send an email right from the Chrome address bar. If you have ever used a service like Tweetbar, OmniMail works in a similar way. To activate an email, you type the word mail into the Chrome address bar.

When you see OmniMail for Gmail in the drop-down, you can select it. Start typing the email address. You can then add in your message and send it. This is great for those quick emails you want to send to someone before you forget.



These lesser known but really useful extensions that combine Google Chrome and Gmail will add some great options to your browser. Extensions like Send to Evernote and OmniMail will save you a lot of time, not to mention you wont need to have the extra apps or windows open.

What is your favorite Gmail extension for Chrome?