5 of the Best Linux Educational Software and Games for Kids


Linux is a very powerful operating system, and that explains why it powers most of the servers on the Internet. Though it may not be the best OS in terms of user friendliness, its diversity is commendable. Everyone has their own need for Linux. Be it for coding, educational purposes or the internet of things (IoT), you’ll always find a suitable Linux distro for every use. To that end, many have dubbed Linux as the OS for future computing.

Because the future belongs to the kids of today, introducing them to Linux is the best way to prepare them for what the future holds. This OS may not have a reputation for popular games such as FIFA or PES; however, it offers the best educational software and games for kids. These are five of the best Linux educational software to keep your kids ahead of the game.

1. GCompris

If you’re looking for the best educational software for kids, GCompris should be your starting point. This software is specifically designed for kids education and is ideal for kids between two and ten years old. As the pinnacle of all Linux educational software suites for children, GCompris offers about 100 activities for kids. It packs everything you want for your kids from reading practice to science, geography, drawing, algebra, quizzes, and more.

Linux educational software and games

GCompris even has activities for helping your kids learn computer peripherals. If your kids are young and you want them to learn alphabets, colors, and shapes, GCompris has programmes for those, too. What’s more, it also comes with helpful games for kids such as chess, tic-tac-toe, memory, and hangman. GCompris is not a Linux-only app. It’s also available for Windows and Android.

2. TuxMath

Most students consider math a tough subject. You can change that perception by acquainting your kids with mathematical skills through Linux software applications such as TuxMath. TuxMath is a top-rated educational Math tutorial game for kids. In this game your role is to help Tux the penguin of Linux protect his planet from a rain of mathematical problems.


By finding the answer, you help Tux save the planet by destroying the asteroids with your laser before they make an impact. The difficulty of the math problems increases with each level you pass. This game is ideal for kids, as it can help them rack their brains for solutions. Besides making them good at math, it also helps them improve their mental agility.

3. Sugar on a Stick

Sugar on a Stick is a dedicated learning program for kids – a brand new pedagogy that has gained a lot of traction. This program provides your kids with a fully-fledged learning platform where they can gain skills in creating, exploring, discovering and also reflecting on ideas. Just like GCompris, Sugar on a Stick comes with a host of learning resources for kids, including games and puzzles.


The best thing about Sugar on a Stick is that you can set it up on a USB Drive. All you need is an X86-based PC, then plug in the USB, and boot the distro from it. Sugar on a Stick is a project by Sugar Labs – a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers.

4. KDE Edu Suite

KDE Edu Suite is a package of software for different user purposes. With a host of applications from different fields, the KDE community has proven that it isn’t just serious about empowering adults; it also cares about bringing the young generation to speed with everything surrounding them. It comes packed with various applications for kids ranging from science to math, geography, and more.


The KDE Suite can be used for adult needs based on necessities, as a school teaching software, or as a kid’s leaning app. It offers a huge software package and is free to download. The KDE Edu suite can be installed on most GNU/Linux Distros.

5. Tux Paint


Tux Paint is another great Linux educational software for kids. This award-winning drawing program is used in schools around the world to help children nurture the art of drawing. It comes with a clean, easy-to-use interface and fun sound effects that help children use the program. There is also an encouraging cartoon mascot that guides kids as they use the program. Tux Paint comes with a variety of drawing tools that help kids unleash their creativity.

Summing Up

Due to the popularity of these educational software for kids, many institutions have embraced these programs as teaching aids in schools and kindergartens. A typical example is Edubuntu, an Ubuntu-derived distro that is widely used by teachers and parents for educating kids.

Tux Paint is another great example that has grown in popularity over the years and is being used in schools to teach children how to draw. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are hundreds of other Linux educational software and games that can be very useful for your kids.

If you know of any other great Linux educational software and games for kids, share with us in the comments section below.

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