5 Applications To Secure And Recover Android Phones

Losing your Android phone sucks! Did you leave it at home this morning or did it fall out of your pocket somewhere? Don’t let your day be ruined just yet. Here is a list of applications to find your Android phone when it is missing.

Where’s My Droid is a super popular application for finding your lost Android phone. There are a bunch of features geared toward locating and protecting your Android phone. Once your phone is lost, you can send a text message with various command words to activate functions of Where’s My Droid. The Free, Lite and Pro versions allow different access via SMS.

If you do not have access to another phone to send the SMS to your lost phone, you can use the Where’s My Droid Commander. The Commander is an online account linked to the Where’s My Droid app on your phone. You will need to link the two prior to misplacing your phone. Depending on version of Where’s My Droid you have, you can make the phone ring, or get the GPS location of your lost device.

Download Where’s My Droid

Avast is a whole phone security application for Android. There is an antivirus and malware scanner as part of the application. Other unique features of Avast are the App Disguiser and Stealth Mode. They allow you to hide Avast from someone who might have stolen your phone. This will give you a better chance to track or disable the device via SMS.

Avast is really difficult for someone to remove (especially on rooted phones), Anti-Theft protects itself from uninstall by disguising itself. If your phone is rooted phones Avast can survive hard-resets and can even disable the phone’s USB port.


As mentioned before, you can activate features via SMS. These are called remote options. Some of the commands you can activate via  text to your phone are Locate, Memory Wipe, Forwarding and several others.

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Plan B is different than the others on the list. It is an “Oh man, I wish I had installed something to find my phone before I lost it” kind of app. Once you lose your Android phone, you can go to the Google Play Store and sign in with your Google Account. Find Plan B in and install it to your phone.

What will happen is, download the application to your phone, the app will start and turn on your GPS. Right away you will get an email letting you know it worked. A little while later, you will get a Google Maps location emailed to you.


If you suspect your Android phone was stolen, keep in mind Plan B is visible. By that I mean the app opens and you can see what it is. Also, your email will be coming to the phone so they can check it to see that it is showing you the location.

Download Plan B

Lookout is the big responsible brother to Plan B. If you are a forward thinking person, you can install Lookout before you lose your Android phone. Lookout gives you all of the options you need to protect and backup your Android.


Because you are doing the right thing and installing an application ahead of time, you will have many more features. Lookout will give you an anti-virus system first and foremost. There are also options to backup your contacts as well as locate your phone if you lose it. The pro version offers remote lock and remote wipe as well as advanced backup and scanning features.

Download Lookout

Sophos is another all-in-one full phone security application for Android. By sending a SMS to the phone, you can lock it and get the location. A confirmation text is sent to you letting you know the lock worked. You will need to specify some of your contacts to be able to send a text to your phone to lock it. So if you have a buddy who likes to pull some pranks on you, he might not be the right contact to authorize.


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While you can’t always remember where you put your phone, it’s a good feeling to know there are a lot of applications out there to help you find it. Many of them incorporate other security options to keep the information stored on your phone safe too.

What did you do the last time you misplaced your Android phone?

Image credit: By LisaNguyen