5 Alternatives To Android’s Calendar

Calendars are a necessary evil these days. They can be hard to manage, but you will surely forget half of what you need to get done if you don’t use one. Using the calendar on your Android device will make it a lot easier to keep track of what you need to do and where you need to be.

The more proactive you are with your calendar, the better you will be. Also know you are not limited to the not always great calendar that comes with your Android. Here are a few Android calendar alternatives to check out.

1. Lockscreen Calendar

One of the reasons Androids and other devices with large touch screens have poor battery life is the screen is on a lot. Sometimes it is just to check to see if you have a new email, or in this case, what is your next appointment.

Lockscreen Calendar displays your next several appointments on your lockscreen so you don’t need to unlock your phone, click on the all and look at the date. Being able to see your next appointment from the lock screen will make you more productive and save battery.


2. Touch Calendar

Touch acts almost like a web page. You can zoom in and out on it with the pinch to zoom feature. As you tap on the day or event, you will see a pretty standard view of the event. The default view is the month view and didn’t look like you could change it. If you like the month view, this is a great simple calendar to use. The upgrade to the paid version will give you access to the widgets and other handy features.


3. Deadline Calendar

Having a calendar for your deadlines is a great idea. Normally you would need to add in all day appointments or tasks into your normal calendar making it look really really full. Having a calendar with a field for completion time is very handy for the person who has a lot of projects to manage. The paid version allows syncing with Google Calendar.


4. Fliq Calendar

Fliq Calendar is a free stand-alone calendar (does not sync with Google Calendar) that competes well with some popular paid calendars like Business Calendar and Calengoo for looks and ease of use. Fliq Calendar is made by Mark/Space, the people who bring you the apps to sync just about any phone to any computer. Because of this, if you have the need to sync with Outlook or iCal, Fliq Calendar is an Android calendar you may want to take a look at.


5. Quick Calendar

Quick Calendar is an add-on allowing you to see current or future appointments in your notification bar. Having your future appointment right in your notification bar will save you the space on the screen you’d normally use for a calendar widget.



Calendars are super useful when you keep them tamed. When you are using a calendar fitting for your needs as well as easy to use, you are more likely to use your calendar regularly.

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