5 Alternative Android Music Players To Listen To Your Tunes

Android devices from different manufacturers all have their own default Android music players. However, as I have learnt the default app does not always provide all the features I need and in some cases they do not read all my music files. Hence, I have tried a number of alternative apps which I will outline in this article.




PlayerPro Music Player is a powerful music and video playing app for Android. The app has a wide variety of features including:

  • different options to browse your music
  • automatic download of album artwork
  • read album and artist reviews
  • download song lyrics
  • change user interface and player skin
  • alternate between grid or list views
  • audio effects using 5 band graphics equaliser (DSP plugin for older devices)
  • display music stats including ratings, play counts, last played, and last added
  • create smart playlists
  • a variety of lock screen and home screen widgets

Additionally, the music formats supported by PlayerPro include mp3, ogg, flac, wma, wav, m4a, mp4.

This is a solid app that has worked flawlessly for me. Sound quality is perfect and this can even be changed using the equaliser settings.

Unfortunately, you need to upgrade to the full version of PlayerPro after the initial 5 day trial period.





PowerAMP is one of the most popular alternative music playing apps for Android users. It plays a wide variety of audio formats including, mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, and tta and it has an extensive feature set including:

  • 10 band optimized graphical equalizer
  • crossfade and gapless playback (something not available in all the other players)
  • auto-download of missing album art
  • lock-screen and home-screen widgets
  • tag editor
  • visualiser
  • granular customisation options.

Many users like this player because it is powerful with a number of customisation options and the sound quality is impressive. However, I personally find the UI a little too cluttered.

The free version is only valid for 15 days.




Winamp has been around on desktops since the 90s and now this veteran music playing app is available on Android. In addition to the standard features of all the music players such as artist information, playlist support, lock-screen and home-screen widgets, this app has a number of advanced features including:

  • streaming from desktop Winamp player
  • multi-language support
  • wireless & wired sync with the desktop Winamp app
  • free music downloads

This is a free app that has a lot of great features and wireless sync is an especially useful option if you already have Winamp on your computer. However, unless you already use the desktop version of Winamp, a lot of the apps advanced features may not be particularly useful.




MixZing has all the features of the the other music apps, including a graphic equaliser, a tag editor, lock-screen and home-screen widgets, and playlist support. In addition, this app records the music you are listening to and provides you with relevant recommendations. Unfortunately, the app does not have a queuing feature and continuous feature which limits its usefulness.

To use MixZing without ads, install the upgrader app.





The Google Music player is not like the other apps I have mentioned in this list. It has all the standard features of the other players and can play most of the music files on your device, however it is a music streaming service which streams music uploaded to the Google Music Beta service. Hence, this app lacks a lot of the advanced features of some of the other apps, but if you have stored your music on the Google Music servers this app is essential to stream your songs to your Android device. Of course you should keep in mind that streaming requires an active data (3G or wifi) connection and if your connection is weak sound quality may suffer.

Google Music

I find that PlayerPro strikes the best balance between simplicity, feature-set, and sound quality. Hence, it is my music playing app of choice. However, if you want easy music management and syncing I would recommend the Winamp Android app and desktop app combination. Lastly, do you have music stored on Google Music? Well in that case you should also install the Google Music app in addition to whichever other music playing app you choose to use.

Image credit: chanelcoco872