5 Alarm Clock Apps to Make Sure You Wake Up On Time Each Morning [Android]

Students are starting to count down the days until the Fall school year begins. Aside from seeing all of their friends again, one thing is for certain…waking up early. The Google Play Store has numerous options when it comes to different alarm clocks for Android phones.

While all of the Android alarm clocks have the same basic purpose, to wake you up, each has a unique set of features to set it apart from the crowd.

Lightening Bug – Sleep Clock

Lightening Bug not only helps you wake up with a basic alarm clock, the build in noises help you get to sleep too. Be it sounds of nature or just some background noise, using one of the 200 sounds included will help you slide off into a great slumber. Having something to concentrate on instead of all the thoughts in your head will help you get to sleep sooner.


Download Lightening Bug

Bedside Alarm Clock

The Bedside Alarm is a simple yet really good looking LED style alarm clock. The uniqueness here is the display. You can change the color to any color you can imagine. The time can be on the 12 or 24 hour clock. The adjustable snooze time is nice too. I like to set mine for a number like 7 minutes to make it harder to figure out how many minutes I can go back to sleep.


Download Bedside Alarm Clock

Talking Alarm Clock

Say your significant other is out of town, but you love to hear their voice as the first sound when you wake up. Using the Talking Alarm Clock will let you record any message and use it as your alarm sound. You can have different voice recordings for different alarms. If you don’t want to use a recorded voice, you can use one of the other choices. Another option is to have the Talking Alarm Clock speak the time.


Download Talking Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clock

Part of the reason we wake up groggy and can’t focus is because we are woken up from a deep sleep cycle. The Smart Alarm Clock is the only one in the group to track your sleep patterns over the night. Using the gyroscope in the phone, Smart Alarm Clock will measure when you are in a deep sleep and when you are tossing and turning. Using this data it will wake you up sometime within a 30 minute window so you will wake up more refresh.


Download  Smart Alarm Clock

I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock

A LOT of people have a hard time waking up for one reason or another. Others, like myself, seem to hit the snooze button too much. If this sounds like you, here is the alarm click to make sure you get out of bed when you need to. When the alarm goes off, you will need to complete a task assigned to the alarm. Imaging your alarm going off and you need to get up and scan the barcode on your cereal box and the toothpaste before the alarm shuts off. Other options include placing numbered tiles into order, matching tiles or even answer up to 10 maths questions.


Download I Can’t Wake Up

Final thoughts

Waking up to an alarm is no fun but we need to do it sometimes. Having a more pleasant way to start your day will help. Well, that and a cup of coffee.

What are your tips for starting your morning off right?

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