42 Useful Portable Apps For Mac

A while back I posted 10 Useful Portable Applications to Run On Your USB Drive. I thought it was time to do the same type of post for all of the Mac folks. If you do not find something in this list to suit your needs, with a few Google searches you are likely to find something to work for you.

Opensource Mac FTP client. If you aren’t using Cyberduck, here is a basic run through.

The play anything media player. Highly recommended if you are using multiple computers.

All-in-one instant messenger (Google, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN…)

Firefox for both Windows and OSX. Use Firefox with add-ons like Xmarks to sync your bookmarks.

The cross platform version of Mozilla Thunderbird will allow you to access your email application anywhere you have a computer with a USB port.

Easy to use webpage capture tool. Use the optional bookmarklet to activate the application.

An Opensource web browser built for Macs by Mozilla.  Some Firefox-like add-ons are available, but not near as many. Greasemonkey scripts can also be converted for use with Camino.

Game of skill and patience. Use the mouse to tilt the floor and move the ball; it sounds easy, but it isn’t.

Over 40 portable apps spanning everything from games to word processors, media players to a BitTorrent client, you shouldn’t be lacking anything in this pack of applications.

A image tool used to resize, especially to magnify .BMP files in high quality.

Find AirPort, Bluetooth, Bonjour and other wireless signals and services. Lots of extra information about the networks available in the area.

Free rich text editor compatible with Microsoft Word.

Quick-to-open image viewer which supports nearly all commonly used image formats.

Lets you find information on the web in the same way you use Spotlight. Start typing and it will begin to return sites based on your criteria.

Simple, small application to help automate backups.

A simple Cocoa-based image editor for when Photoshop would be too much of a hassle.

System maintenance and repair utility, with different versions for Tiger and Leopard. Some uses are: repair permissions, delete applications, reset Spotlight’s Index, run periodic scripts…

Text reader that arranges text on a page in columns sized properly for the window you have open. No scrolling up and down, just left to right.

Very powerful very free text editor great for distraction free writing.

Opensource word processor. Read, write and save to OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format.

Opensource mind mapping and collaboration application.

Opensource image editing. Many very powerful features in a very lightweight package.

Opensource graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand

Complete Opensource office suite able to read and write to most  commonly used file types.

An app uninstaller that removes all of the accompanying application files.

Opensource multi-user Secure FTP manager, great fro servers or networks.

Opensource web authoring similar to Dreamweaver

Opensource recording and editing software.

Google’s web browser on a stick.

Simple text editor with a massive amount of features

Screen highlighter (great for presentations)

Maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility (10.4 or 10.5

P2P file transfer. (Here are some set up instructions)

An opensource SFTP, SCP and SSH client. Esay to set up and use.

Stand alone to-do manager.

BitTorrent client. Great for creating and downloading torrent files.

*37 through 42 are listed to only work with OSX 10.4

Bookmarks and preferences on your portable drive.

The same mail and preferences on your portable drive you are used to on your main Mac (use with Portable Address Book).

All your calendar events can go with you on your portable drive.

Contacts are kind of essential, take them with you on your portable drive.

Keep all your buddies on your portable drive.

Sync your portable apps with local ones.

Which portable Mac apps do you use?

image credit: Michael Dale Bernard