4 Useful iPhone Contacts Apps to Better Manage Your Friend List

The Contacts app in the iPhone may be a functional and usable app, but it is really a weak app compared to others in the market. If you are looking for a better way to manage your contacts, here are four amazing contacts apps that you can use on iPhone.

1. Smartr Contacts

Smartr iOS Contacts App

Smartr integrated with several social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and automatically (with my consent of course) adds contacts and their information to your contacts list. It records almost every interaction, which resulted in me having close to 3000 contacts. I’m not that popular guys!

However, despite that small inconvenience, the analytics, how socially aware it is, and how integrated it is with the run of things (want to see the message your friend just sent about a Facebook post, why not also see the post in the same place you received her message, that’s possible all in one app!) Plus, the word free being attached to this app makes it the ever more sweeter choice.

Smartr Contacts

2. Brewster


One dislike many individuals have about the current iPhone contacts app is that it’s a bit dull. Yes, they finally have social media integration involving contact photos, however, aside from that, when you open the contacts app, it seems really dead and the lack of instant recognition of contacts based on face makes it an arduous task to find a contact in the sea of names.

Brewster solves this problem by not only making your contacts more personalized, but also by making it a bit more lively and colorful. Instead of focusing on names, the application allows you to focus on the contact photo when searching for an individual. However, Brewster isn’t literally just a pretty face, the application allows you to import contacts from your favorite social networks as well.

Brewster’s other main attraction is its searching capabilities. Put into groups, your contacts can be found in a similar way Google+ has circles. Each group has a name, clicking on the profile reveals a larger photo, and detailed information. This detailed information is crucial because when searching for something related to the contact(s), this will be the information used. For example, if you have a friend that is trying to look back on the college days, you can search Brewster for your college’s name. From there, all the contacts who went to that college pops up, and the memories flow back!

Other features include the ability to check on their updates shared on social media, more on the lines of how LinkedIn updates you when a connection gets a new job or updates their profile rather than a social media update like “I ate lunch”. The updates section is for updates with more substance. Brewster is all available for free on the app store!


3. Tacts

Tacts Contact App

Rather than finding ways to connect your contacts to social media, Tacts takes your list of contacts and gives you more ways to organize them into groups. You may be saying to yourself, my contacts app shipped with my iPhone can already do that. Don’t fret, Tacts also has great search integration, allowing you to find individuals in a snap based on several factors (including workplace and location).

One thing that your on-board contacts app does is allow you to see and call back the most recent. However, my most recent calls aren’t always my most frequent calls, and many times I rather have an organized list of most called individuals rather than those i just called. Tacts does this by allowing you to view those you frequently call.

Tacts’s interface isn’t the most attractive. They certainly didn’t get the cue to make their app look bright and approachable. However, you can change this for a $2. If you aren’t wanting to fork over two bucks, you can still enjoy all that the free Tacts for iPhone has to offer in bringing a bit more customization to your iPhone contacts, sans the in-app keypad.


4. Buzz Contacts

Buzz iOS Contact App

Buzz also changes the way that you associate picking up the phone and calling an individual. Buzz is very focused on the alphabet when calling instead of numbers. Instead of called 555-5555, you may be dialing J-O-H-N. Each contact will have their last initial under their name, crucial is more specific searching.

Along with this new way of dialing, Buzz also allows you to schedule a call or other form of contact (email, text). The application also has all of the grouping features you come to expect an application to feature. As you may notice, Buzz also attempts to be your one-stop communication app but focusing on other modes like email, allowing you to email photos and Dropbox files for example.

Buzz is available on the app store for $0.99 today. It’s worth a download if you are willing to pay a small price for an ultimate communication app.

Buzz Contacts

What other apps do you use to improve your contact management in iPhone?

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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