4 Useful Chrome Extensions To Spice Up Your Browsing Experience

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had an almost vice like grip on the browser market till a few years back and then Firefox came along and a lot of us geeky types moved to it, not only for the superior browsing experience, but also for the huge number of really awesome extensions available for the browser that turned it from a plain and simple web browser to a complete platform.

Before Google Chrome come along, I’d been using Firefox for a long time and while I used to try a lot of browsers, it is firefox that I always came back to.

That changed when Google announced support for extensions in the Chrome web browser.

Here was a browser that was faster than Firefox for almost all tasks, had a smaller footprint and a number of advanced features such as the ability to manage separate tabs as separate processes. It had almost everything that firefox had and more, except, extensions! So when Google announced that they were going to enable support for extensions in the browser, I jumped on to the bandwagon and switched (almost) full time to Chrome.

This is a collection of some of the cool extensions that I use to spice up my browser and I hope you’ll find them useful too.

1. TV Chrome


TV Chrome is an extension that turns your computer into a television set. With hundreds of free TV channels from around the world at your disposal, you’d never want to leave your computer (or turn on your television).

2. Incredible Start Page


The start page is the page that you see when you first start Chrome or open up a new tab. The default start page is pretty nice to look at and gives you a view of your Top 8 visited web pages, recently closed tabs and bookmarks. If you want something more from your start page, though, you should install this extension. Incredible Start Page not only gives you a pretty looking start page, it also lets you customize it even further by letting you change the font colors and the image that is used as a wallpaper. You also get a handy little notepad that you can use to take notes.

3. Friends Mural For Facebook (Update: no longer exist)


If you’re a Facebook addict (and who isn’t these days), this is an extension that you should definitely install. Add your best facebook buddies to the Mural and watch their updates without ever having to visit Facebook. As a bonus, you also don’t have to put up with the atrocious advertisements that run on facebook.

4. Chromed Bird


If you’re a twitter user (and you should be, if you aren’t) Chromed Bird gives you access to your timeline from right within your browser. It is, essentially, a twitter client that works from within your browser and on all operating systems that Chrome works on.

There are thousands of extensions available for Chrome and I’ve just scratched the surface without even talking about the real superstars such as XMarks, AdBlock, Google Mail Checker. Use these extensions and go take a look at the gallery, you might just find a gem that I might have missed !

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