4 Top iOS Apps for Instagram Photographers

You may have a DSLR worth over a grand for serious shots, or maybe a digital point and shoot for when you want to take casual photos, but what do you have when you want to take quick photos while on the run? Most of the time, this means pulling out our mobile phone and taking a quick shot, usually settling on sub-par picture quality. However, the iPhone 4S has given us a new definition to mobile photography. Instagram makes these photos pop. Here are 4 applications that make your Instagram photos look just that much better.

1. Instagram


Who doesn’t know about Instagram? It’s been a favorite for iTunes and many iOS users and I use this application almost everyday. It’s quite easy to use. Just simply take a photo, add a filter or no filter at all, add a caption, select the social networking sites you want to share the photo on, and upload. It’s fast, easy, supports flash, and even allows you to use the rear or front facing camera on iPhone 4/4S. Instagram is the fun application that brings out the creative bug in all of us.

The free application has a simple interface. The bottom part of the application allows you to access the feed. This is where you get to see all of the photos added by you and the individuals you follow. You can click “comment” to voice your opinion of the photo. You can either click “like” or double tap the photo to like it. Popular shows the best of the best Instagram photos. News shows all of your notification and you can access your profile by click the farthest right icon.

2. Camera+


Camera+ is my favorite photography editing software for iPhone. This application allows you to transform your photo into a masterpiece. To begin, simply take a photo as normal within the application. The photo is then sent to the “Lightbox” where you have the ability to edit. From the Lightbox, you can adjust brightness and light, rotation, cropping, and filters. Camera+ even allows you to add borders for a nice final touch. When done, click “done” to go back to Lightbox.

From Lightbox, you can then share the photo on sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and even email and text message. Don’t want to share? No problem, just click save to add the edited photo to your camera roll. For $1.99, Camera+ may be the only photo editing software that you’ll need for your iPhone.

3. Pic Stitch


When on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I came across an image that seemed to look like a nice collage. I was surprised by the discovery for the fact that Instagram doesn’t yet have such a feature for photos. I asked the photographer how they did it, and that’s how I was introduced to Pic Stitch. This application allows you to extend your photo creativity in multiple ways and on various websites.

With Pic Stitch, you can choose from various layouts, then double tap the space to get taken to the camera roll. From there, you can then choose which photo you want to include. Some drawbacks are that you can’t choose multiple photos at once. You can even do some light editing to the photo, including the ability to add filters, crop, choose aspect ratios, and more. It’s also compatible on iPad as well, meaning you can extend your photo editing to a larger screen. Pic Stitch allows you to group your photographic memories into one space.



Ever wanted to physically cherish some of your Instagram memories? It seemed like it was impossible to do this at first, but not with Postagram. This application allows you to get your photos printed and sent to you for only 99-cents. The application itself is free to download. The ability to have the photos printed on high quality paper makes Postagram a great and inexpensive last minute gift to your friend or loved one. You don’t even need an Instagram to take advantage, Postagram allows you to take a photo in-app, use Facebook photos, or even use photos in your camera roll.

Creating a Postagram is quite easy to do. Simply click “create a Postagram”. Then choose the photo you want to use from Facebook, Instagram, camera roll, or from right in front of you. Great, the photo is taken, now here’s the fun part. You have the ability to add a personalized message on the left. For more personalization, you have the option to use your Instagram/Facebook profile photo next to your name or even take one. Next, add the recipient(s), and complete the order. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

What other photography apps do you use?

Image credit: Big Stock Photo

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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