4 Tools To Make Vista’s UAC Less Annoying Without Compromising Your Security


No doubt the Vista User Account Control (UAC) is the single biggest irritation in the whole operating system, but if you are thinking of turning it off altogether, you better think twice. UAC is a security feature that can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. By turning it off, you will lose all protection and put yourself in great risk of virus and malware attack. Hopefully, you have not forgotten that Windows has the most number of virus attack in the World.

A better way to deal with the UAC is to tweak it such that it continues to run in the background without popping out the annoying prompt every few seconds. Here are four software that you can use to make your UAC less annoying without compromising your security.



TweakUAC is a simple tool that allows you to switch your UAC to quiet mode. In other word, it allows you to easily disable the UAC without having to restart the computer. In the quiet mode, you will be elevated to the adminisrator privilege and there won’t be any annoying prompts that pop up every few seconds. This mode is ideal when you need to perform some administrator tasks such as installing/uninstalling applications, cleaning up your system, moving files around and etc.

There is no installation required for TweakUAC. You simply double click on the application to run it. Whenever you are done with your stuff, just run the application again to turn the UAC back on. A neat and simple tool that doesn’t take up much memory and space.

Smart UAC


What SmartUAC does is to replace the UAC with a more powerful and intelligent user control. After the installation, the standard UAC will be disabled and the SmartUAC will take control of the system. In the event where there are potential threats occur, the SmartUAC prompts will appear rather than the standard UAC popup. The difference between the two prompts is that you can get SmartUAC to remember your selection so that it can automatically handle the same event next time it occurs. The longer you use SmartUAC, the less popup you will see.

In addition, SmartUAC also runs in the background and scan the programs for any malicious threat. When such threat is found, a Red Alert prompt will appear to inform you of the potential danger. Similarly, you can pick the course of action for SmartUAC to handle for future event.

Norton User Account Control tool

Norton Lab

Unlike SmartUAc, the Norton User Account Control tool will replace only parts of the standard UAC. It will continue to utilize the UAC security feature while providing a more informative and user-friendly interface. When a standard UAC prompt appears, it only inform you of the program that is running. It does not recommend any action or remember your choice. Norton UAC tool is different in such that it displays the security information (signature information of the application) and prompts recommendations based on an assessment on the user-action. There is also a “remember me” feature that allows users to suppress future prompts from the same action.

As can be seen, Norton UAC tool collects user input and is able to make its own assessment without any unnecessary prompts. This is definitely a better and less annoying way than the standard UAC to manage your system.

UAC Snooze


As its name implies, UAC Snooze allows you to temporary stop UAC prompts for a user-defined amount of time and then automatically turn it on once the time is up. During this time, you will be granted elevated privileges so that you can perform all your administrator tasks. The snooze can be set by simply clicking the icon on the system tray.

This is a simple tool that allows you to do your stuff without the annoying UAC prompt. In case you forgot to turn it back on after you are done, the snooze function will come in handy.

UAC Snooze comes with a 30 days trial period after which it costs $5 to register.

How do you deal with the annoying UAC?

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