4 SMS Back Up Applications To Keep Your Messages Safe [Android]

SMS messages are the preferred method of communication for many people these days. Unlike emails, SMS messages are short and simple and usually read right away. One thing email has the advantage of over text messages is you can retrieve them from the trash or back them up easily.

Android phones have 3rd party application to help back up your SMS messages. While it isn’t exactly like your email inbox, you can still recover your old text messages if you need to. Here are a few applications to allow you to back up text messages on Android phones.

1. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is by the developer of some of the best Android applications out there. They are responsible for Go Launcher EX and many great widgets. Go SMS Pro is no different than those applications. Go SMS is a rock solid SMS application that among other things gives you the option to back up and restore your SMS messages. Backing up your messages to your SD card is only one of the many, many reasons you should give Go SMS Pro a try.


2. Handcent SMS

Handcent is a pretty popular SMS replacement application for Android. To use Handcent to backup your SMS messages or settings, you must have a Handcent online account. This is a little better than having your messages back up to your SD card because if you lose your phone, you will still be able to restore your SMS messages to your new device.


3. SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore is a standalone text message backup application. For those people who do not want to stray from the pre-installed SMS application, this is a good choice for backups. You have the option to set reminders to manually backup your messages or you can set your SMS messages to automatically backup. In the settings, you can configure options like backing up selected conversations and adding backups to a common archive.


4. SMS Backup +

SMS Backup + takes a different approach to backing up your SMS messages and integrates a little more with your Google account. Of course you will need to grant access to SMS Backup + to you Google Contacts and Gmail. What happens when you run a backup is, your SMS, MMS and call log are all sent to your Gmail account. Each will be assigned a Label. If you need to keep track of your SMS messages and your call log for any reason, you should really consider giving SMS Backup + a try. With the automatic upload option, it makes keeping a record of your messages and calls painless


Final Thoughts

No matter how you back up your text messages, it is a good idea to have a backup of the important messages. In most cases you wont have a need for them, but there are certain circumstances where you may need to pull a message from the archive. When this happens, you will be glad you have a backup. Depending on your specific reason to backup your text messages, the Android apps on the list will cover pretty much the majority of the situations I could think of.

Do you prefer a stand alone SMS backup app or backup as part of a more full featured SMS application?


  1. Cool. I add another app called VeryAndroid SMS Backup. It can backup and transfer SMS from Android to computer directly. Just connect your android to computer in usb or wifi. Works great.

  2. VeryAndroid SMS Backup looks like it has some cool options. What is the cost? It looks like it is limited to a certain number of messages before you have to pay.

  3. i used to have SMS backup and restore (#3) worked perfectly specially the scheduling however now iam using GCLoud backup to backup everything not only SMS.

  4. Try this:


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