4 More Online Reminder Services To Remind Of Different Events And Tasks

If you have a bad memory, don’t be too embarrassed because most of us do from time to time. This day and age, technology can come along side us every so often and fill in a few gaps helping us to remember things that would normally slip our minds.

Sanix has previously uncovered 5 online reminder services to remind of different events and tasks. In it, he covered 5 web tools of different and assorted abilities that can help to remind you when it’s easy to forget. This article adds to that list hoping that somewhere on these two lists resides a reminder service that is perfect for you. You’ll notice that each service has its own strengths and weaknesses so hopefully you’ll find something that can meet your needs.

1. ReminderGuru

If you’re looking for an online reminder service with several options for delivering reminders, ReminderGuru is one to try out. Although you have to register using your email address, ReminderGuru gives the option to deliver a timed reminder via email, text message or phone call. You can even set up reminders to be reoccurring daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.


  • Positives: ReminderGuru offers several ways of notifying you such as an email, a text message, or a phone call.
  • Negatives: Registration, although understandable, always makes one more service you’re signed up for.


2. Remindeo

Remindeo has many of the basic options for a reminder service such as recurring reminders, date, time, and the ability to send email reminders (sorry, no texts or phone calls). It does however offer the ability to send several reminders before the saved date. This way you’ve got the date on your mind as it arrives.


  • Positives: As mentioned earlier, you can have a reminder sent to you several times as the date/time is approaching.
  • Negatives: Only offers email as a notification option.


3. Forlater.net

Forlater’s charm is in its simplicity. This online reminder service seriously allows you to just enter the subject, message content, the email address and the date/time. There is no registration necessary. For sending a quick reminder, with no hassles, Forlater does the trick.

  • Positives: No registration required. Period.
  • Negatives: Not many options, but, as mentioned above, this can also be charming.


4. Reminder Thing

Reminder Thing is a tool that works with your Google Contacts and Calendar. It looks ahead two weeks for events such as birthdays, doctor appointments, and anniversaries and puts them all into one email reminder. What you then have is one email a week, looking ahead two weeks, giving you at least two weekly email reminders to do something about those appointments.


  • Positives: Works hand-in-hand with Google Calendar giving you only one place to enter those appointments and reminders.
  • Negatives: Only works with Google Calendar. There’s no using it by itself or with another calendar tool or feed or any import option.

Reminder Thing

I’m sure there are many more ways to receive reminders via tools available on the web. These are only just a few but they are very worthy of our attention. Go through this list, test each of them one by one, and see what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below. At the same time, if you know of another Internet-based reminder service that you like even better than these, please tell us about it.

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