4 More Linux Games to Distract You From Work

As Linux gains more popularity, the number of major commercial game vendors supporting Linux has not increased, but independent developers are certainly taking notice. Here are four more Linux games that are sure to distract you from real work. Be sure to play them only when your boss is not looking. Enjoy!

1. Grappling Hook

License: Commercial
Price: $14.95

A highly addictive game, Grappling Hook has you taken prisoner by some sort of “big brother” alien organization that likes to study humans like rats in a maze. Along the same lines as the hit game Portal, Grappling Hook is probably best described as a puzzle platform game. Each level requires you to simply find a way to the end while avoiding obstacles that will lead to your untimely demise. One of the unique tools at your disposal is the grappling hook itself. If attached to a green wall, the hook can pull you across a room, lift you over a dangerous pit, or even save you from a dangerous fall in mid air.

Grappling Hook screenshot

Grappling Hook is a commercial game available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. You can download the demo for free, which is just enough to get you hooked. Add in a level creation tool, and Grappling Hook is sure to distract you from work for hours.

2. What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time

License: Commercial
Price: $15.00

A sequel to the point and click adventure, What Makes You Tick?, A Stitch in Time is filled with puzzles, mini games, and a text-based story that develops as you progress. Players will be impressed by the artwork of this game and will be reminded of the many great point and click adventures of the past.

With clues to find, puzzles to solve, inventory items to use, and multiple characters to engage, A Stitch in Time offers hours upon hours of game play and is sure to pull you away from work and maybe even keep you up at night. It includes 7,500 lines of story dialogue, so you had better get out your reading glasses.

A Stitch in Time demo screenshot

In the story, you play a young man named Nigel Trelawney, summoned to Ravenhollow to settle his deceased father’s estate. Nigel soon learns, however, that not all is well in Ravenhollow, and the adventure begins.

A Stitch in Time is an Adobe AIR game that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. Caster

License: Commercial
Price: $4.99

A fast-paced third-person shooter, Caster throws you into wide-open dangerous terrain, sometimes requiring you to blast your way through, while other times requiring a little more strategy. Each triumph earns you money that you can use to get new power-ups that give you really cool abilities, including ultra high speed, cannons that can raise or lower the ground, a shield generator, and much more.

Caster screenshot

Looking like he might be Mega Man’s younger brother, the protagonist in Caster is as adorable as he is deadly. Once you build up your abilities and can speed through levels, blasting anything in sight, you will surely be addicted. The price is dynamite for Caster, and includes free updates. It is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone.

4. Vera Blanc

License: Commercial
Price: $14.56

With comic style art, text-based dialog, and an intriguing mystery to solve, Vera Blanc: Full Moon and Vera Blanc: Ghost in the Castle, are games that will remind you of your childhood and Carmen Sandiego days. And just like those bygone adventures, you will find yourself quickly engrossed in the storyline, successfully avoiding the work sitting on your desk.

Vera Blanc is the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, and after a surgery that cures her of brain cancer, she gains mental abilities, both an exception memory and the ability to read minds. The mind-reading involves a hangman-like mini game, adding challenge to the clue-finding and general sleuthing. Other mini games are scattered throughout the story, giving you well-timed breaks from the reading and clicking. One misstep can truly result in your demise, just like any good text-based adventure would.

The Vera Blanc games are available for Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.

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