4 More Distraction Deterring Android Apps To Increase Your Productivity

android-productivity-introWhile working on mobile, you need to be able to be efficient. There are a lot of distractions out there; your Android phone can even be one of them. By adding a few applications, you can increase your productivity and lower distractions.

When you are in a meeting or at a lunch with a client, you don’t really want to be focused on what your phone is doing. You should focus on what you need rather than wasting time playing on Facebook.

Here are a few Android applications to help you manage your distractions and be more productive.

1. Txt Msg Away Message Lite

One of the biggest distractions for many people is the amount of SMS messages they receive. Having an application that will notify someone that you are in the middle of something without you actually needing to pick up the phone and reply to them can save you a lot of time.

You can set up several different messages. I have one for driving, when i am at soccer practice and another that I am working and will get back to them on my next break.

android productivity - txt msg away

2. Handy Profiles

Not all phones have profiles. This is something I really loved when I had a Blackberry. If you aren’t sure what a profile is, they are different settings for your notifications and other settings. What Handy Profiles does is let you set up different ringer modes, volumes, syncing options, wireless connections, forward and even filter calls.

One feature that is super cool is the option to have Handy Profile search your calendar for certain words. When it sees the word “work” or “meeting”, you can have it automatically change to a different profile for the duration of that calendar appointment. As you can see, you have a ton of options to configure what will work best for you when you need to concentrate on the task at hand.

android productivity - handy profile

3. Business Calendar

While the Google Calendar on most Android devices is adequate, there is always something out there that is a little better. Business calendar gives you more of the look you have on your web-based Google Calendar. You can see all of your appointments instead of a colored line slotting off the time.

To jump from month view to week view, just swipe your finger across the week you want to see. If you need to see more day, there is a slider across the bottom where you can add or subtract the amount of days showing up to 14 days and as little as one.

android productivity - business calendar

4. Taskos To Do List | Task List

A productivity article would not be any good without a to-do list app, right? Here is that app. What is nice about Taskos is how it uses more of the phone than other task management apps. What I mean is, to finish a task, you swipe your finger across the task. To clear all the completed tasks, you can shake the phone.

Aside from those two features, you can quickly add a task just by tapping on the microphone at the top. If you want to add more details, you can do that as well. The reason easy voice access is important, is that you are less likely to forget to add a task if you add the task right away after a phone call.

android productivity - taskos

Are there Android applications you find increase your productivity or decrease distractions?

Image credit: underminingme