4 Awesome Mobile Addons to Supercharge Firefox for Android

One of the features that make Firefox a popular desktop browser is because it supported addons which the users can install to increase its functionality. It is great too that when Mozilla created Firefox for mobile, they added the addons feature in as well. If you have been an active user of the Firefox browser on your Android phone, here are 4 mobile addons that make your mobile surfing experience even better.

Note: As the same as the desktop version, some of these addons will require a restart before they will work.

Installing Mobile Addons

To start searching for add-ons, you can open Firefox for Android and press the Menu button.


In the drop-down window, look for Add-ons. When you click the Add-ons button, you will see the currently installed extensions. Press the little shopping bag at the top right to get to the add-ons download page.

1. Quick Insert

Quick Insert lets you prepopulate basic information you might use a lot like your name, username and email address. When you get to a text box, you can long press on the text area. In the pop-up window, you can select Quick Insert. You should see all of your choices. This is like a manual form fill, but very useful.

Quick Insert

2. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is pretty much the same Firefox add-on you’d use for your desktop browser. I think it is a lot more useful when using on mobile because you are not using precious data. Another great reason you will want to use Adblock Plus is the pages should load faster. Depending on the network connection, this can be a big deal to a lot of people. Another nice feature of Adblock Plus is it fixes commonly misspelled URLs.


Adblock Plus

3. Three Finger Swipe

Using gestures is a great way to navigate. With Three Finger Swipe, you can swipe using a trio of fingers in a direction to perform an action. By default, you can:

  • go to previous tab with left swipe
  • go to next tab with right swipe
  • open a blank tab with swipe up
  • close the current tab with swipe down

Other options such as: new tab, scroll to bottom and search are also available .


Three Finger Swipe

4. NextPage for mobile

Sometimes the simplest additions can make the best improvements. NextPage for mobile adds a Next page and Previous page option to the contextual menu. Once you add this extension, there is no longer a need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page just to hit the next page button. This is great for forums and even Google searches. It will work on most sites that have a Next Page button.


NextPage for mobile

Final thoughts

Surfing the web on your mobile phone doesn’t always give you the best experience and this is where the addons are specially useful and important. Take a look at some of the other add-ons and see what you can find to enhance your web browsing experience.

What add-ons do you use to supercharge Firefox for mobile?

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