4 Free Apps To Get Your Wardrobe Season-Ready [iOS]

As you can tell, it’s certainly getting a lot colder outside on this side of the earth. From snow being reported in regions near Canada, to chillier temperatures being reported even in the southern United States, many individuals are looking at their wardrobe and their attics to see what they should wear for the next season and what just doesn’t fit. However, this can be a bit more difficult of a process than some may think. Once you get a system for organizing your newly discovered Winter clothing, you are then presented with a large pile of clothes that need to go elsewhere. Today, we will show you how a few iOS apps can help you clean out your wardrobe, organize what is left, and what to do with the leftovers.

Good House keeping @ Home

The industry giant in home keeping magazines is now available in an application. However, this isn’t a digital magazine, we have Newsstand for that, this application gives you useful tips for organizing your home and surroundings.

Based in four categories, you are presented with the option of home decor, news and tips, stain removal, and “Do-It-All Cleaning”. Going into “Do-It-All” cleaning allows you to focus on the numerous aspects of that house that can get cleaned. When focusing on the closet, you can choose tips on cleaning specific types of shelving, closet cleaning and organization, and much more.

What I also love about the application, the stain removal section, means that when you find an old coat for example with a small stain, you don’t have to throw it out. With tips from the Good Housekeeping app, you can find ways to remove just about any stain.

Good Housekeeping @Home


Now that the closet is separated and the stains are all out, you finally know what you will keep and what will go someplace else, perhaps it is time to organize your clothes in the correct order. Here is a new suggestion for you – log in your clothing.

First of all, the largest cause for closet disorder is when you are ransacking through your clothing and trying to rush and find an outfit. Logging your clothing will prevent creating a mess. One of the best ways to digitize your closet is with NetRobe. With the sorting feature, all of your clothing now becomes a well categorized digital closet, allowing you to go from shirts to pants, shoes to even accessories and make an outfit without even leaving your bed.

Aside from this daily use, NetRobe becomes very useful for trips or even if selling online. The calendar feature also prevents those embarrassing repeated outfits – for those who are worried about this occurring.



Rumgr is a unique marketplace for many reasons. Instead of focusing on selling something to an unknown individual thousands of miles away, Rumgr allows you to sell within the area. In an attempt to revolutionize the selling process, you don’t have to add a description or even price the item. The photos are meant to tell the story, meaning they must be high quality and descriptive in their own right.

As for the price, it’s up to the purchasers to bid on the item they want to purchase and price it themselves. This is a bit similar to other modes of selling, for example with selling a car. When you see a car with a for sale sign, you may contact the seller and see what they are selling it for, putting in your own price for what you can pay. It’s then up to the seller to choose what they will accept. To increase selling potential, social media can be your item promotion.

For a free application, Rumgr has some great potential.



If eBay is the national leader in online marketplace selling, Craigslist being on the local level, EggDrop is certainly considered on the backyard level. Like Rumgr, EggDrop is a local marketplace that matches a seller with an individual interested in the specific product you are looking for.

Also like Rumgr, the selling process on EggDrop is much easier than with other leaders in the marketplace websites. Instead of filling out the information, EggDrop focuses more on posting a photo and getting the message out that way. From there, through messaging, you can agree on a price for your clothing and sell local. This allows you to save money on shipping and ensure that the item is given in person and with care.

To ensure that selling is done safely, EggDrop makes use of “Reputation”. This is similar to a seller’s rating on other marketplace websites. EggDrop is a locally focused, safe, and easy to use marketplace app for iPhone.

EggDrop for iOS

What other ways do you use to manage your clothing and wardrobe?

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