4 Essential Google Helper Apps For Website Owners

When you have a website of any kind, there are certain things you will need to do and know. Part of what is good to know is what tools are available. As you can imagine, Google has been working on some great new apps for helping you to do everything for free.

There are many applications available to help you on your never ending quest for rankings and traffic, you know Google will have solid web apps to help you out. Here are 4 different Google Labs web apps you can use to in some way if you are a website owner.

1. Scribe

If you have a blog or a site that is frequently updated, there are a few things you need. One of the main things you need is content. Having a clutter free place to write the content is a very helpful. Different people have different preferences on which application they like to use when they write. I have tried several different apps and have settled on Google Docs as my word processor app. That was until I found Google Scribe.

Google Scribe is a simple place to lay your words on a page. What really drew me to it was the word completion. When you start to type a word, it will give you the most likely possibility. You can select the word by pressing the spacebar. You will then see that Google will guess the next word in the sentence.

Google Scribe is pretty limited right now. For example, you cannot save the document you write. I think it will be an amazing add-on to Google Docs, but right now, it is a stand alone writing app.

2. Correlate

While writing, you may want to test keywords or Google search trends. A while ago we mentioned Google Trends. Well, Google Correlate is somewhat similar in that it shows trends for words and phrases being searched for on Google.

What’s different is the way you can search for things. You can search for something like record snowfall. You will see your search results and other searches similar to yours. Using this might help spark ideas of how and what people are searching for in relation to your topic. It is kind of like the wonder wheel and a keyword tool and google trends all wrapped into one.

3. Page Speed

One of the factors in page rank is how fast the pages on your site load. If your pages have long load times, your site will not rank as high as a site with similar information and fast loading pages.

By testing your page speed after you make changes or every-so-often, you will be able to make everyone happy when they find your page. When you run a test, Google will let you know what they see as a problem on your site.


The last of the bunch is getting people to your site. If you have good content and good search engine rankings, this may not be any troubles for you. Other people may choose to expand their reach and look for traffic on social sites like Twitter.

Follow finder is a cool little tool to help you find people to follow on Twitter. As an example, if you follow Make Tech Easier, you may also like LifeHacker’s updates. Follow finder will pull up 4 people you may like because they follow similar people and 4 people who have similar followers.


These may be very simple web apps, but all have a purpose when it comes to adding value to your site.

What unique apps do you use?

image Carlos Luna

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